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120.000 Ribbons to Commemorate The 30-Year Anniversary of The Fall of The Berlin Wall

On the 9th of November, Berlin celebrated the 30th anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall and the Peaceful Revolution. People remembered when the wall was torn down and they were once again reunited.

The city hosted an open air installation to commemorate the events that happened 30 years ago. Kulturprojekte Berlin hired Patrick Shearn and his team to create a moving sculpture that will symbolize the unification of the German people. The installation was titled “Visions in motions” and was set up in front of the Brandenburg gate in Berlin.

The installation consisted of 120.000 colorful and reflective ribbons carrying handwritten messages. More than 9500 feet of rope and more than 1250 hand-tied knots were used to create the gorgeous installation that made the city look breathtaking.

Image credits: Poetic Kinetics on Instagram