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12 Amazing Shilajit Benefits: Shilajit Resin for Men and Women

Why do we need shilajit resin? Health Benefits of Shilajit

Most of us would’ve included a multivitamin in our diets by now. But when you’re constantly struggling to overcome your FOMO (fear of missing out), maybe you need a change of scene and mindset. But, it also wouldn’t hurt to get more help from an ancient source.

Here are the Top 12 pure shilajit resin benefits and why you should start harnessing these right now:

#1 Boost Energy Levels

Modern living takes a toll on our bodies and brains. The daily grind is an exhausting beast to contend with. Waking up to an irate client, taking endless calls throughout the day, and spoiling loved ones in the evening often leave you running low on energy. And, it’s not only because people expect so much of you but also because of your diet, habits, and lifestyle. Shilajit enhances nutrient absorption which is very helpful at a time when nutrients from crops are constantly sliding

Shilajit helps relieve stress and fatigue. Shilajit releases more energy from food and transforms this into more digestible forms your body can readily use. Beyond speeding up your recovery from stress and fatigue, that means lowering your risk for cardiovascular ailments, diabetes, and other chronic diseases.

Shilajit also supports increased energy production by promoting better nutrient absorption. Although research remains limited, experts suggest shilajit may work wonders in establishing a well-balanced microbiome and promoting a healthy gut. That way, nutrients and energy from your diet are better absorbed in larger amounts and actually become more useful for the body.

#2 Speed Up Wound Healing

Higher amounts of amino acids in the body give it better capability for protein and collagen production. In turn, tissue repair becomes faster and more efficient. Shilajit contains amino acids that fuel these functions.

#3 Relieves Pain and Inflammation

If chronic or simply left unaddressed, these factors may cause the body to deteriorate. Humic and fulvic acids give shilajit anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. Research findings suggest that shilajit may have sedative properties that regulate how pain impulses are experienced by the brain. 

#4 Provides Antioxidant Protection

Stress, along with a host of other factors, can inflict irreversible damages to your vital organs. To complement the preceding benefit, shilajit also delivers cell-protective function. It contains high levels of powerful, plant-derived antioxidants. Shilajit shields the body against free radicals.

#5 Promotes Cardiovascular Health

All the benefits discussed above contribute to enhance cardiovascular health. Researchers also found proof of shilajit’s cardioprotective function. Rats made to take shilajit recovered better and faster following an induced cardiac injury.

In another study, researchers administered shilajit to Daphnia, a planktonic crustacean that closely resembles the behavior of the human heart. Interestingly, the Daphnia’s heartbeat was normalized after administering shilajit at doses between 1.0 and 100ppm. But, above 1,000ppm, shilajit caused its heart rate to speed up much faster. Shilajit may aid in preventing heart disease but further investigation is warranted.

#6 Prevents Obesity

Obesity has been brewing steadily in the US. Today, that has grown into epidemic proportions. Close to half of American adults are obese.

The best available scientific evidence suggests that shilajit may enhance an alternative energy pathway. Here, excess calories are not stored as fats but eliminated from the body. Shilajit supports healthy weight management.

#7 Enhances mental performance

Having trouble remembering and staying focused? Shilajit is also used as a memory enhancer. Other than that, researchers propose that shilajit may delay brain ageing, protect the brain and nerves from degeneration, and promote faster recovery from brain tissue damage. Research indicates that shilajit may relieve head pressure and repair damaged nerves following brain injury. 

#8 Improves Physical Performance

Trouble performing on the machine or in bed? Beyond boosting your energy levels, shilajit can also help improve stamina. On top of that, it improves your resilience to fatigue while simultaneously promoting faster recovery.

Its rich mineral content, which contains high levels of iron, also supports normal oxygen circulation. Overall, that should help give you an unprecedented performance level.

#9 Encourages Happy Thoughts & Good Mood

Enjoying higher energy levels and feeling less tired will already put you in a better mood. If you want to enjoy more time at play, shilajit has you covered as well.

Staying positive in whatever you do can be quite a challenge. Have the strength to rise to the occasion and keep your brilliant smile beaming — still thanks to shilajit.

Research shows that shilajit may promote mental health. Shilajit may improve mood and ease feelings of anxiety. Further evaluation of how it affects the brain, however, cannot be directly correlated to shilajit effects alone. The study used a herbal formulation that included shilaji but also included herbs such as Withania somnifera root extract, Camellia sinensis extract, and triphala. The experiment was also done on mice subjects. Nonetheless, the study’s positive results are a start.

#10 Helps Delay Aging

Senescence or the natural ageing process sneaks in one way or the other. It can’t be stopped but there are ways to delay it. As your body ages, its capacity to absorb, transform, and use energy and nutrients decreases. 

This makes less energy and nourishment available to power up cellular repairs and regeneration. The result: damage happens much faster than the body can regenerate and repair impaired tissues. That’s when you feel your bones cracking, notice you get tired more easily, and even wrinkles make their mark.

Research into CoQ10 deficiency reveals it can lead to the development of degenerative diseases. That includes hearing loss, memory and learning issues, kidney damage, and heart muscle weakness. Although naturally present in the body, chronic fatigue and inflammation, as well as age results in lower levels of CoQ10 production. 

Increased production of CoQ10, ATP, and DBP resulting from shilajit supplementation was observed in animal studies. Combined, the body is better protected from free radical damage as antioxidant levels rise. Metabolism also speeds up. And, these enzymes also render protective functions to the body, including delaying brain ageing.

#11 Promotes Bone and Muscle Health

Regular supplementation with shilajit may strengthen bones and muscles. This is particularly beneficial for aging populations as well as those who may be dealing with being overweight.

Research suggests that shilajit improves muscle and bone health. Shilajit was administered to a group of obese subjects. After four weeks of regular supplementation, this group showed improvements in at least 17 clusters of extracellular matrix. 

This indicates that this group adjusted better to their weight. That way, their bones, and muscles are less pressured than if they were weaker. Subjects in the control group did not exhibit the same improvements.

#12 Tapers Off Cravings and Aids in Curbing Addiction

Substance abuse damages the brain. It alters reward pathways that, in turn, causes dependence as well as damage to the brain. Some damage may be permanent and irreversible, depending on the length of addiction, frequency of substance intake, and dosage taken. That’s why recovering from addiction requires a lifelong battle.

There is some evidence that offers hope to those suffering from drug dependence. Research using mice as subjects shows that a combination of shilajit and ashwagandha acts on the central nervous system. The study concludes that ashwagandha increases the level of Gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), an amino acid that inhibits the excitement of neurotransmitters. Simultaneously, shilajit may promote faster production of serotonin at higher levels. 

Together, this combination is expected to reduce cravings, lessen anxiety, and improve satisfaction and mood. Further research is recommended to investigate the potential of ashwagandha and shilajit in treating alcohol addiction.

How to Take Shilajit?

Instructions on how to use shilajit will differ across brands or providers. Make sure to read the label or ask the seller questions if you’re uncertain. In any case, it’s always best to consult with a healthcare provider, most especially if you have special needs.

Shilajit is best taken first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. To make it more palatable, add it to your cup of tea, milk, coffee, or cocoa. Make sure it’s warm, not hot so as to keep shilajit bioactive components intact.

Safety, Risks, and Side Effects

Before taking that shilajit, it’s always best for you to learn about how safe it is for you. Your body, your rules. Below we list for you everything you need to know to help you make a decision.

Is Shilajit Safe for Everyone?

Purified Shilajit resin is generally safe for all. In fact, initial results looking into the safe use of shilajit among pregnant women show promising results. Although findings remain inconclusive and require further investigation.

This brings us to a hot topic health enthusiasts like to debate about — raw shilajit vs. purified shilajit. Is raw shilajit the best shilajit? Absolutely not! Unpurified shilajit is replete with heavy metals and disease-causing microorganisms. Even in the old world, people subjected it to crude forms of purification. 

So, next time you come across somebody trying to sell you raw shilajit, you know what to do. But, if you insist, go ahead and try it! Chances are high it also contains cow dung or cow urine. 

Shilajit Resin vs. Shilajit Powder

Lower potency preparations like pills or powders may be more convenient to take, most especially when you’re traveling. But, these contain more additives, preservatives, and other useless junk than shilajit. 

That’s also the reason why deceptive makers and marketers are too keen to package shilajit in these forms since it’s so easy to hide all those impurities. It’s not difficult to understand why they would want to extend that shilajit further. 

First of all, shilajit is a finite resource. It’s hard to come by shilajit. It is so much harder to source raw shilajit if you’re looking for high quality. Secondly, because shilajit supply is low and it’s located in hard-to-reach regions, it’s also very expensive.

That’s why these pills, powders, tablets, and other forms of shilajit can never compare to pure shilajit resin. It’s packed with all those nutrients and energy-giving components listed above. So, while shilajit resin may seem more expensive in hindsight, it actually gives you more than what your money is worth.

Are there shilajit side effects?

Adverse effects of supplementing with genuine, purified shilajit are highly unlikely. Nonetheless, it’s always worth taking extra precautions than be sorry later on.

There are three reasons why side effects due to shilajit may occur:

  • It’s unpurified. Again, raw shilajit is loaded with heavy metals in quantities beyond the set threshold for human consumption. Its exposure to the elements in its natural environment also leaves it oozing with pathogens. Shilajit needs to be purified before it can deliver what’s good for you.
  • It’s adulterated or counterfeit. Who knows what’s inside? Quite frankly, sellers who are only after profit do not care at all about what happens to you. So, don’t believe their empty promises. Make sure you know your shilajit well before you buy.
  • It reacts with other substances you are taking. Or, you may have a condition that’s not suitable for its components (although none are known presently). As with any other supplement, make sure to take shilajit only as instructed in the label or by your healthcare provider.

If you have a medical condition that’s been diagnosed, make sure to consult with your healthcare provider before taking shilajit. If you’re taking any medication or other supplements, consult with a health professional as well. This is so you may anticipate possible reactions with any substance you might already be taking.

Remember that taking more shilajit than what is necessary will not amplify its potential benefits. Neither will taking it more frequently enhance how you experience it.

Is it possible to overdose on shilajit? Based on the best available data, no. Common sense dictates, however, that too much or too little of anything can be bad for you. So, always take only the recommended dose.

Shilajit Resin: Buying Guide

Since shilajit is sourced differently and processed using different techniques, shilajit’s safety profile, as well as efficacy, will vary across different products. To establish safety and authenticity, always ask for a Certificate of Analysis before you buy. 

This certificate will ascertain that the shilajit you’re buying is genuine and that it does not contain any hazardous component that can endanger your health. This certificate is prepared by third-party labs.

A shilajit that has been awarded a patent for a novel and safe manufacturing practice is also well worth looking into. When buying shilajit, you need to make sure it’s purified but also that it’s beneficial components are kept intact during processing. 

As a rule of thumb, any raw shilajit that has been substantially altered from its original form, such as in the case of pills, tablets, powders, and tinctures, will have likely been subjected to intensive manufacturing. That means, hardly any of the good stuff in shilajit is left intact.

In a similar manner, any product that has been subjected to extreme temperatures will have likely killed or transformed beneficial bioactive components found in shilajit.

Read more about shilajit. If you have questions, make sure to ask. Best to be safe than sorry!