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12 Amazing Beauty Charts for Those Who Suck at Makeup

These beauty charts will help you improve your makeup skills.

1. To have a perfect canvas, you need to layer your skin care products in the right order.

2. Color correcting is your bff. This chart will help you learn which color to use to neutralize your skin problem.

3. To find the perfect foundation for your skin, you need to test it on your neck not on your arm.

4. Have a fresh look everyday by learning how to conceal your under eye circles the best way.

5. Know your brushes!

6. Did you know that there is a whole set of makeup brushes that are used only for your eyes?

7. Learn the expiration date of your beauty and skin care products!

8. Enhance the natural shape of your eyes! This incredible chart will show you how to do it the best way!

9. A bit of shimmer on the brow bone and inner and outer corner of your eyes will really brighten your eyes.

10. These tree angles are key if you want to have the perfectly shaped brows.

11. Learn how to apply blush for your face shape. The apple of your cheek is really unique.

12. A lip liner will emphasize your lips’ best features.

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