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10-Year Old Dog Gets A Tuna Can Stucked To Her Tongue And Ends Up In The ER

Dogs are adventurous and curious, and while these characteristics are cute, it can lead them into serious trouble. The 10-year old Staffordshire Bullterrier Bonnie got into some serious trouble while being curious, but luckily everything ended up well.

Bonnie and her owner Louisa had their usual night, having dinner together at home. Louisa gave Bonnie some of her favorite fish and then threw the tin in the trash bin. The dog noticed this and rushed to the bin to check if there’s any fish left. All of the sudden, Louisa heard scuffling coming from the kitchen. She rushed to see what’s happening when she Bonnie with a tuna can stuck to her face.

Bonnie’s tongue was trapped in the can and Louisa was scared to remove it herself because she knew she could badly cut her and make everything worse. Lousa got Bonnie in the car and went to PDSA, which is UK’s largest veterinary charity. When Loiusa arrived, the veterinarians checked Bonnie and they all agreed that the safest way to remove the can is under anesthesia.

“Once she was under the anesthetic the can was relatively easy to remove. We were able to carefully remove it so the cut to her tongue was small and luckily she didn’t need any stitches. It was a very unusual case to see, which could have become very serious if the tin had cut the tongue deeply. But thankfully we were able to remove the can safely and Bonnie was able to go home the same day to recover from her ordeal,” explained the vet.

Lousa was super grateful that the specialist helped her beloved Bonnie in these difficult times.