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10 Ways To Upcycle Old Clothes

Sometimes, all we need is a little magic! If you are tired of shopping or your budget limits you, you can repurpose your old clothes and fully express your creativity. Why should we spend more than we can when we can be more financially wise? Therefore let’s learn how to use what we have, upcycling could be really interesting!

Adorable skirt

We all have those giant, beautiful, yet old scarves. Your heart will probably break down if you throw that precious thing away. In order to prolong the life of your scarf and give him a new purpose, we think you should create an adorable skirt. Wrap your scarf around your hips, multiple times, and there you have it – chic and unique!

Eye-catching scarf

Details like scarf make a huge difference. Seriously, you can really express yourself just by adding something specific, yet simple. Use your old T-shirts to create a scarf. You can combine five or six if you prefer, just let yourself go and you will be surprised how thrilled people will be with your new look.

Covert T-shirt into a dress

Why not? Oversized T-shirts are perfect for this kind of repurposing. Especially, if you have a T-shirt that is neon colored or with a specific design. It can look amazing! You can cut out the sleeves, or add some extra details, it is totally up to you. Or if your T-shirt has long sleeves, then you can easily create beautiful, long sleeve dress, which can be perfect for some formal events. To get the idea, check out beautiful long sleeve dresses by GCGme.

Turn your T-shirt into a fashionable bag!

You will need 10 minutes to turn your lovely, old T-shirt into an awesome bag!

Add some feathers

You will need a few feathers and a pair of shoes. Try craft shops or eBay for feather trimming – black ostrich or raven feathers are ideal. You have no idea how beautiful this could look! Seriously, a couple of feathers can make you look more extravagant and artsy which could be great for events where you want to come across as an authentic individual.

Bleach your jeans

This is a simple, yet effective way to repurpose your old pair of jeans. For example, take a black pair of jeans and a bleach pen and have a little fun. You can choose to do quite a bit, from the style of these pants to taking a stamp and adding a bleaching effect that makes lines, the pen is your oyster- have fun with it!

Braided T-shirt Headband

Use fabric scraps to create wonderful headband. It is simple and stylish!

Heart patches

Elbow patches could look really cute when they are heart-shaped. That is why you should definitely consider making heart patches for your old long sleeve T-shirt.

From sweater to cardigan

Cardigans are a very useful pair of clothing. That is why upcycling an old sweater and turning it into a cardigan is not a bad idea at all. Turning a sweater into a cardigan is cool and useful if you are trying to hide your baby bump for any reason.

Cute ugly sweater?

There is no such thing as a cute, ugly sweater, you may think. We would completely agree with you two days earlier, luckily there is.

If you have a Christmas sweater you hate and want to get rid of, hold on, don’t throw it away yet! If you want to make it look cute and change the way you look while wearing it, you should add up few cool details like snowman, Santa, gift, or whatever you please. These details will make a big difference, plus, you will not be judged for wearing an ugly sweater. Thousands of benefits, indeed?

There you have it, 10 awesome ways to upcycle your old clothes without too much effort!

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