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10 Ways to Get Rid of Your Cravings in 15 Minutes

We’ve all have been tempted to eat those delicious chocolate cookies or that last slice of pizza. The more we fight our cravings, the worst it gets. Don’t get stressed because we have found ways to forget about your craving with simple tactics. Learn what you can do the next time you have a craving instead of eating a whole pack of cookies.


1. Take a Walk

A study has shown that if you take a 20 minute walk, you’ll be more able to resist a sugar craving. A moderate exercising routine can help people regulate their food intake and their cravings.

2. Drink Flavored Drinks

Instead of drinking artificial beverages that are actually bad for your health, try adding some mint, basil or cucumber in your water. This is great to satisfy your cravings without any calories.

3. Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is an amazing cleanser and it will definitely help you fight the urge to eat something sweet. Add some lemon in your ginger tea and enjoy!

4. Sniff Jasmine Scent

An Australian study suggests to always carry a bottle of jasmine scent in your bag. Sniffing jasmine scent will reduce your sweet cravings.

5. Chew a Gum

A study has shown that people who chew sugar-free gum after having lunch decrease their sweet and snack cravings.


6. Take a Nap

Lack of sleep can lead to more junk food cravings and people sometimes confuse hunger with exhaustion. So the next time you have a junk food craving, take a nap instead.

7. Tap Your Forehead

We know that this seems weird but a study has shown that it can be quite effective. Tapping your forehead for 30 seconds can really reduce your cravings.

8. Snack Proteins and Fibers

Instead of stuffing yourself with junk food, choose snacks that are rich in proteins and fibers. They’ll keep you full longer and will give you more energy. So next time, snack on some almonds and pistachios.

9. Drink a Glass of Water

Sometimes we mistaken hunger for thirst. Next time you’re craving snacks, just drink a glass of water. This will also help you keep your body hydrated.

10. Have a Small Amount of What You Crave

If you’re having a really difficult time fighting your cravings, then eat a small amount of what you’re craving. Just keep your portion small, eat slowly and drink lots of water.