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10 Ways to Make Your Small Eyes Look Bigger

All eye shapes are gorgeous, but bigger eyes make a person look more awake and younger. Not everyone is blessed with big eyes, but luckily we can use makeup to create an illusion.

You don’t need to be a makeup expert! All you need to do is to follow our tips and tricks that will make your small eyes look visually bigger.

Here are the 10 ways to make your eyes visually bigger:

1. Say NO to your under eye circles

The concealer will not make your eyes look bigger, but will at least cover those dark circles and prevent drawing attention to them. Use an illuminating concealer and choose a shade 1 or 2 lighter than your foundation.

2. Eyebrows on point

Eyebrows are important because they’re the frame to your face. It’s really important to keep your brows in good shape and they must follow your natural line.

To make your eyes look bigger, maximize the space. Natural brows make you look younger and more innocent while over-tweezed one make you look older.

3. Say goodbye to puffy eyes

If you want to have gorgeous eyes, you need to pamper them every day. Swollen eyes look tiny and you need to learn how to reduce the puffiness in order to make your eyes look bigger.

Wash your face with cold water, get enough sleep, reduce the salt intake and place cooled tea bags over your eyes to calm the puffiness.

4. Use light, neutral shadows

Use lighter shades on the areas you want to emphasize and darker on the areas you want to hide. Apply light color on the center of your lid to bring your eyes forward.

5. Tightline your upper water line

Use black eye liner to tightline your upper water line and make your lashes look fuller. This trick will definitely make your eyes look bigger.

6. Curly lashes

An eyelash curler is a must have! To make your eyes look bigger, curl your lashes closest to the root.

7. The nude effect

Most people think that using a black eyeliner all over the eyes will make them look bigger. Unfortunately, they’re wrong and this will only make their eyes look smaller. The key to bigger eyes is nude pencil on your lower lash line!

8. Holy mascara

Choosing the right mascara is essential! Good mascara will make your lashes look longer, fuller and your eyes bigger. Apply 3-4 coats on the outer corners for extra volume!

9. Shimmer in the inner corner

Applying a highlighter or shimmer in the inner corner will help you look more awake and will make your eyes look bigger. It will also add something extra to your makeup look.

10. Contour the crease

Contouring the crease will make your eyes look deeper, which will make them look bigger. Apply a matte brown shadow in the crease and blend it well.