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10 Tricks That Will Help You Pluck Your Brows to Perfection

Plucking and creating the perfect eyebrows can be a painful and very hard process. Luckily, thicker brows are now trendy, so you won’t need to spend much time with the tweezers.


Here are 10 tricks that will definitely help you pluck your brows to perfection:

1. Get the right tweezers

A celebrity brow expert Kristie Streicher advises you to choose slanted and sharp tweezers. The tweezers won’t pinch your skin around the hairs and will grab even the tiniest strays.

2. Pluck after your shower

Warm water will soften your hairs and open your follicles, thus will make the process less painful and quicker.

3. Ease the pain

If plucking is too painful for you, buy a numbing gel and apply it before you start tweezing.

4. Stop using the magnifying mirror

Streicher explains that looking at this mirror while plucking can lead to overplucking. Always use a regular mirror!

5. Know the limits of your arches

“Your brows should begin directly above your tear duct, peak in line with the outer side of your iris, and end at a point that falls 45 degrees from the outer corner of your eye,” advise Streicher.

6. Create a nice shape

Use a soft brow pencil to outline your arch. Once you’re done, remove the hairs that are below or above your line.

7. Reduce the redness

To reduce redness, apply some cortisone cream immediately after tweezing.

8. Brush

Use a brow brush to coax your hairs upwards and style them to perfection.

9. Fill in the blanks

Use a brow pencil or eye shadow to fill in the sparse spots. If you’re a brunette, choose a shade lighter than your hair color. If you’re blonde, go for golden shades.

10. Grow them in

Are your brows overplucked? Leave the tweezers alone for at least 3 weeks to allow your brows to grow.