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10 Tips To Help You Sell Your Home Quicker

If you are looking to sell your house quickly here are 10 tips from online estate agents:

1. Decorate Neutral

Give your potential buyers the ability to see themselves living in your home! Redecorate your property with neutral colors and add some fresh paint to your walls. You can do many things even with a low budget such as filling in wall cracks or gaps.

2. Fix Small Defects

Superficial defects in a home may not seem like a dealbreaker to you, but they can make a potential buyer assume the property wasn’t well cared for. Take the time to address simple defects in your home such as peeling paint, dirty walls and light switches, squeaky floors, limescale on appliances, leaking faucets, ill-fitted laminate flooring, and old caulk. Of course, anything structural or requiring a professional such as mold remediation should be left alone!

3. Fix Your Front Door

First impressions are everything, and your front door can make or break the curb appeal of your property. Take the time to address potential problems with your front door. If it’s dirty, give it a power wash. If the paint is peeling, give it a fresh coat of paint. Even if your door may appear to look fine, new hardware or even house numbers can give it a facelift.

4. Ruthlessly Declutter

You may not see yourself as a minimalist, but clutter can scare potential buyers off. Take the time to address extra clutter in the home, especially in the main living areas such as the kitchen, living room, and master bedroom.

5. Use Heat And Lighting To Your Advantage

Potential buyers want to know that major functions such as your HVAC system are working in the home. Make sure you run your air conditioning or heating before your scheduled showing. This will moderate indoor temperatures and ensure the buyer sees your home as potentially valuable to them. It is also important to use plenty of lighting, even if it isn’t natural. Dark and shabby corners are a huge turnoff, so address lighting issues before your showing.

6. Create A Garden Oasis

A nice outdoor space is always on top of every buyer’s list, especially in a city where it’s hard to come by. Instead of leaving your garden as a large expanse of grass, create a relaxing outdoor area. Trim hedges and overgrown trees to reveal nice natural lighting, or in some instances, plant shrubs if privacy is lacking.

Did you know having an outdoor deck with nice tidy outdoor furniture can help you sell your home quicker? A 2019 study has revealed that not only did homes with outdoor decks sell faster, but they actually sold over asking price.

7. Keep Pets Away

You may love your shaggy dog or fluffy cat, but they can pose a problem for potential buyers. Some dislike animals inside of a home or are simply highly allergic. When scheduling a property showing, keep your pets outdoors or leave them with someone you trust. Make sure you also air out your house as having pets does often leave an odor.

8. Double Glaze Your Windows

Do you live in the city near a busy road? If so, the lack of quiet may deter buyers from making an offer. You can address this problem by double glazing your windows. Not only does this increase energy efficiency, but it’ll keep noise at bay.

9. Focus On Your Kitchen

Make sure to focus your efforts on your kitchen as most buyers judge a home by what they see there. Even if you can’t have new cabinets and flooring installed, you can do some basic upgrades to make the room more appealing. Painting cabinets and exchanging hardware can give your kitchen a facelift. Decluttering the countertops or wallpapering an accent wall can also make the room feel more modern.

10. Make Bathroom Upgrades

Understandably, bathrooms are by no means cheap to replace, but you need to do what you can to help potential buyers see the possibilities in your bathroom. Take the time to remove limescale, clean or replace old grout, and most importantly, install new fixtures whenever feasible. Even painting the walls a neutral color can make your bathroom look newer while simple upgrades such as a fresh shower curtain can set the tone. If you have a glass door installed, consider installing a new seamless one.