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10 Tips From a Personal Trainer Who Lost 150 Pounds

When Joe Bernstein was only 25 years old, he weighted 339.8 lb (154 kg). He tried every single diet, but nothing worked. At last he decided to make some lifestyle changes. These simple, new habits led to really positive changes in his appearance and his self confidence. Joe managed to lose 150 pounds and now works as a personal trainer. He’s helping people improve their lifestyle choices and helping them look better.

Here are Joe’s 10 tips that will help you improve your lifestyle and appearance:

1. Don’t drink calories


Avoid drinking sodas, sweet tea and juices. This simple change can help you lose 48 lb (22 kg) in just 3 months.

2. Forget those business lunches


Take a box with delicious and healthy homemade food to work instead.

3. Spend less time on the road


A bike can help you get out of the annoying traffic while preserving your nerves and making you healthier.

4. Learn to cook


There are many cooking shows and websites that can help you learn how to prepare healthy and delicious meals. There’s no better feeling than tasting something you’ve made with your own two hands.

5. Understand the value of real food


Choose local and fresh foods that are great for your taste buds and your weight.

6. Get a dog


A walk with a four legged friend will boost your metabolism and brain activity.

7. Pay attention to the quality of meat


If you’re not ready to give up meat, do your best to make sure you’re buying and using quality meat.

8. Buy organic foods


Organic food might be more expensive, but it’s great for your body. Do your best to buy and use organic products when preparing a meal.

9. Leave a bad relationship


Joe started his new and healthier life after breaking up with his ex-wife. This doesn’t mean that you should break up with your partner if you want to lose weight but rather break up with people that are weighing you down.

10. Change physically and mentally


Eat right, exercise and don’t let the weight come back. All the mental work inside your head matters.

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