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10 Things That Make a Wedding Amazing

Every bride and groom dreams of their wedding day. Although couples want to have an amazing day, everyone has different aspects that they value most. Some brides want to prioritize the overall ambiance, the list of wedding hashtags, the cake, and the floral arrangements. Some grooms value great music and an inclusive setting. It is important that brides and grooms get on the same page in order to make their wedding day dreams come true. When the couple is aligned, both them and their guests will have a night to remember. In this article, we will share 10 things that make a wedding night amazing.

1. The Perfect Guest List

One of the most important things that you can do soon after engagement is picking the perfect guest list. You need to determine an invite list for wedding showers, the rehearsal dinner, and the ceremony. When the right guests are at each event, both the bride and groom will feel comfortable and loved. When the couple is surrounded by those that they feel comfortable with, all of the events of the weekend will go smoothly.

2. Divine Flower Arrangements 

Flower arrangements have a huge role in the overall ambiance of the wedding. Florals are often in the hands of the bride and bridesmaids. In addition, they adorn every table and every aisle. With fresh seasonal flowers, the venue will look and smell lovely. By choosing the right florist, the event space will come together spectacularly. Juniper Flowers is a floral company that offers amazing options for any preference or budget.

3. A Great Playlist

Whether you have a DJ or a band, a great playlist can change the vibe of the entire night. The right playlist has a mix of music that encourages guests to dance and celebrate. Many of the songs played will be favorites of the bride and groom. If you like classical music with a modern twist, consider hiring a band. If you like hip hop music that gets people out on the dance floor, consider hiring a DJ. If you have a great taste in music and like orchestrating parties, you can make a playlist that plays continuously off a smart device, like an iPad or iPhone.

4. The Perfect Outfits

The couple-to-be needs to be comfortable and confident on their wedding weekend. The tuxedo and wedding gown that the couple wears on their big day is a once-in-a-lifetime decision. As a bride, you want to find a gown that is flattering and gorgeous. As a groom, you want to find a suit that is sleek and well-designed. The husband and wife-to-be will cherish this day for a lifetime, it is important that they look the part for the big event.

5. A Great Wedding Planner

On the wedding day, it is important that the husband and wife do not have to worry about any details or logistics. This couple needs to ensure that all of the logistical challenges will be overcome by a top-notch wedding planner. The wedding planner will make sure the wedding party arrives on time to each event. In addition, they will make sure the furniture, florals, and guests are placed exactly where they need to be.

6. Having Ample Lead Time

Before the wedding, the couple needs to ensure that they have ample time to prepare for the weekend ahead. If you come off of a busy week of work, it is difficult to switch into marriage mode. If you have the ability, it is important to take time off the week prior to the wedding in order to rest before the big event. You want to have energy and joy before the wedding. If you run into the weekend feeling exhausted, overwhelmed, or stressed, you will not have the ability to step away and enjoy each moment

7. A Personal Touch

A wedding day should be customized based on the needs of the couple. From color schemes to unique quirks, it is important that the ceremony and reception feel special and unique. Try customizing music choices, bridesmaid gowns, floral arrangements, rehearsal dinner speeches, and paper menus so that it feels more personal. Not only should the bride choose customized touches, the groom should have the opportunity to integrate meaningful moments throughout the entire experience.

8. A Sincere Thank You

People travel from distant places in order to attend the wedding festivities. In addition, people spend money on transportation and purchasing gifts, and many contributed their time to make the event amazing. In order to express your gratitude, it is important to thank each and every guest for their hospitality and kindness. Give a sincere “thank you” that lets everyone know you are touched by their graciousness. Whether you write a kind letter or express gratitude face to face, this gesture goes a long way.

9. The Perfect Menu

It is important to pick the right food and beverage items to serve to your guests. Are you having a sit down dinner or a variety of different stations? Depending on the setup, you can choose the right food to serve. After choosing the menu, it’s best to pick a signature cocktail that is both flirty and fun. On top of this, choose some stellar staple beverages that will quench thirst for the entire evening. Nowadays, there are so many food options that are fitting for the rehearsal dinner and reception.

10. Memories 

Throughout the night, it is important that you capture mental images of the entire event. At the rehearsal dinner, take a mental recording of the kind words that people share about you. At the wedding, take a step back and see how much fun people are having throughout the venue. At the end of the night, remember the emotions you feel as you make your grand exit. 


Weddings have the ability to bring people together. In addition, they bring joy and laughter to a large group of people. From the perfect menu to the perfect playlist, it is important that the night is customized for the couple.