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10 Things You Need to Know About Your Eyebrows

Women are becoming more and more obsessed with having the perfectly groomed eyebrows. Their obsession goes so far so they start spending too much money on gels, powders, and pens to create the perfect eyebrows.

Here are the 10 things that probably no one told you about your eyebrows and you need to know:


1. Your eyebrows have a big biological purpose

Your eyebrows protect your eyes from rain, sweat and other substances from entering your eyes.

2. Your eyebrows can get thinner with age

It’s just like the hair on your head. Your eyebrows will get thinner as you age.

3. The skin around your eyebrows is really sensitive

You must have noticed that that area gets red if you wax your eyebrows.

4. Brows are key in identifying

Yes, it’s true. Your eyebrows have a huge part in facial recognition.

5. Eyebrows extension is real

People have invented method to get thick and gorgeous brows. Gluing hair on your brows can last for 2 weeks, so you’ll have your perfect brows for 2 weeks.

6. There are so many ways to groom your brows

Waxing, tweezing, threading… You just need to choose the method that works best for you.

7. You can easily change the color of your brows

If you change your hair care, you can ask your colorist to also change the color of your brows. You can also use gels or pens to slightly change the color of your brows.

8. Brow restoration for thicker and fuller brows.

Choose a semi-permanent or permanent solution to thicken your brows.

9. The best brow shape depends on your face shape

A more dramatic arch works great with a round face. If you have a heart shaped face, try soft arch brows, oval face shapes go well with defined brows and an angular arch looks great on a square face shape.

10. One unplucked brow can have around 1,100 hairs

The time it takes a hair to grow up and fall out is 4 months.

Because it’s the era of bushy eyebrows, here is a Homemade DIY Serum to Grow Out Thin Eyebrows