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10 Things Men Pay Attention To Before They Propose

If you think that men only appreciate the woman’s great body and nice appearance, you’re wrong! If a man wants a long-term relationship, he notices other qualities besides the physical appearance.

Here are the 10 things men appreciate in their future wives:

1. Sense of humor

It’s always nice to be surrounded with positive people that can make you laugh. It’s even better if she thinks you’re funny too.

2. Intelligence

This is one of the most important things men look in a woman- intelligence. Every man wants to spend his nights with a woman who can keep up a good conversation.

3. Faithfulness

No one wants to be cheated on because the emotional wounds are hard to heal. Every man wants to know that the woman he chooses as his life partner will be faithful for the rest of their lives.

4. Self-confidence

Self-confidence is even more attractive than appearance. If a woman feels stunning, everyone thinks the same.

5. Kindness

Living in a world where everyone wants to take advantage of you, it’s nice to know that you have someone with a kind heart by your side.

6. Empathy

When a woman is capable to sympathize, it means that she’ll always be there for you and support you.

7. Knows how to listen

Men are not very open so when they try to open up to you, be ready and listen to them very carefully. Every man wants a woman who knows how to listen and give an advice.

8. Independence

Every person in this world loves his/her independence.

9. Simplicity

No one likes drama queens. Men love simplicity and calmness.

10. Directness

No one can read your mind. Speak up, say what’s on your mind if you want to be listened and understood.

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