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10 Things Men Don’t Care About

Girls like to worry about everything, and if they get bored, they even may make up some problems. We found 10 things they may stop worrying about? At least for a reason that a man does not think about it at all. Here are some things that are provided by http://amurdate.com!

Sounds and Moans 

You are touching each other’s wet sweaty bodies and suddenly hear a rude sound. Keep your head! It is as natural as the noise of a car’s engine. You will never be too loud for your beloved. You can scream, growl, and snort, he will enjoy it, and the neighbors will tolerate somehow.

Your Measurements 

When you barely undressed, and thinking about hiding under a blanket (hoping that your man won’t have enough time to see asymmetrical breasts and bumps on thighs), slow down! Your boyfriend does not have any magnifying eye lenses, and he won’t notice the cellulite unless you demonstrate it to him. Besides, he is more fascinated with lovemaking than viewing creases on your stomach.

His Ex 

It is not a sin to compare yourself with his past passes and inevitably develop a complex because you do not have Joan’s acrobatic flexibility and Emma’s culinary talents. Yes, perhaps your predecessor did enchanting private dances and cooked dinner out of ten dishes, but their relationships included daily interrogations and tantrums. Do not forget: it is for a reason that his ex-girlfriends are “ex”.

Your Fantasies 

Do you want him to be a bad guy, punishing the courageous policewoman? Down with modesty! Share your ideas, he will appreciate it!

Bikini Zone

Some people like to wade through the thicket of intimate hair, others adore “runways”, and some people prefer “full disclosure.” Sometimes it is difficult to guess. In addition, you do not need to be on alert 24/7, and the guys understand it and take it easier than you think.

Lingerie From Different Sets

He remembers your underwear if your panties are like drawers. If the bra and the panties are with different sets it is not a reason to worry!