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10 Things Every Woman Needs to Have in Her House Before She is 30

When you are in your 20s you are constantly on the move, from college to your new rental and then from the old rental to the new one. As time goes by and your life begins to take shape, you are ready to have your own home and decorate it to your own taste. I am not saying that you should have everything figured out by the time you are 30, but you do need to have a number of things in your home by this time, no matter if it’s your forever home or just another rental.

A set of wine glasses

In your 20s it was perfectly acceptable to drink from plastic glasses, but as you reach your 30s you need to advance to adult glasses. Invest in a set of high quality wine glasses that are going to help you entertain your friends in style.

A set of high quality sheets

In your 30s you deserve a little luxury, so invest in a good set of sheets. You can go over the top and buy silk sheets or Egyptian cotton sheets or pick 100% cotton sheets to keep you cozy over the night.

An area rug

A good rug can change the look of the room, so buy one of the beautiful vintage persian rugs to enhance the home style.

A high quality sofa

The sofa is where you spend the most of your time when you are home, so you deserve a high quality one. Look for a timeless design, which can fit in with your current home layout, but can be the centerpiece of your future high class design when you decide to change the home décor.

A dedicated workspace

Even if you don’t work from home you need to have a dedicated workspace in your house. It can be a work room, if you have enough space, or just a special corner, equipped with a desk, a laptop and all the other essentials that can help you work on your projects.

A flea market item

It might not be your style, but do check out a flea market and see if you find something to fall in love with. Second hand items are study and have a story to tell, which makes them unique.


Art pieces show off who you are, so don’t be afraid to start your collection. You can also display your own photos, printed and framed.

Fresh flowers

Nothing brings up your room than a bouquet of fresh flowers on the table. Speaking of it, you also need a beautiful vase. As you reach your 30s and you are more responsible you can also invest in a potted flower, which is going to be your baby for now.

A food processor and a mixer

These two are the staples of every kitchen, so invest in high quality ones, even if you don’t cook at this time.

A stack of coffee table books

Apart from the fact they look good, by your 30th birthday you should have collected a nice and interesting library, which defines who you are and what you are interested in.

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