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10 Simple Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Family (and Why You Should)

We live and interact with our family members on a daily basis, so it’s unfortunately common for us to take those people for granted. One of the best ways to build better bonds with your family members is to show regular appreciation – and it’s good for you too.

But what are the best ways to show appreciation for your family? And why is it so valuable?

Simple Ways to Show Appreciation for Your Family

These are some of the most powerful – yet simple – ways for you to show appreciation for your family members.

  1. Send flowers. One of the best ways to show your appreciation or affection is to send flowers. It’s a simple gesture, and a relatively inexpensive one, but it can make a big impact, especially on an important or especially hard day. With the help of your florist, you can choose an arrangement, and make sure the arrangement is delivered at the time and place where your family member can best enjoy them. Whether it’s to celebrate a holiday or just to say “I love you,” it’s an amazing gift that almost anyone can appreciate.
  2. Prepare a nice meal. We all love food. It’s no coincidence that one of the best ways to bond with family is to enjoy a good meal together. That’s why one of the best ways to show appreciation is to prepare a nice meal that your family can enjoy together. If you like culinary experimentation, feel free to try out a new recipe. But if you’re not talented in the kitchen, you can always get food from a nice restaurant in the area.
  3. Leave notes. You don’t need to spend money or much time writing little notes to show your gratitude and leaving them throughout the house. A sticky note with a message like, “thanks for everything you do!” can make someone’s day.
  4. Write a letter. If you’re interested in articulating your thoughts more thoroughly, consider writing a letter to the family member of your choice. It’s a great way to explain how you feel, it can be a pleasant surprise to receive in the mail, and it’s something your recipient can hold forever if they choose.
  5. Give compliments. Not all gestures of appreciation need to be grandiose; sometimes, a simple compliment is enough. Tell your family members what you like about them, what you appreciate most about them, and how you see them overall. Do it publicly for best results.
  6. Do helpful chores (without being asked). You can also show appreciation by doing more helpful chores without being asked. Going out of your way to make someone’s bed, do the dishes, or help with laundry, even when it’s not your responsibility, can save someone time and make their life easier.
  7. Purchase a surprise gift. Most people love surprises. That’s why you should consider buying a surprise gift for the family members you appreciate most. You don’t have to spend much money; even a little surprise, like a candy bar or a trinket, can make an impact.
  8. Let them choose an activity. Are you considering what activity to do next? Show appreciation by letting someone else choose. Letting them pick out whatever movie they want or choose what’s for dinner can help them feel appreciated and loved.
  9. Share fun memories. Do you have some time together? Consider showing your appreciation by sharing fun memories with them. Remember that time the two of you couldn’t stop laughing? Or that exciting restaurant you tried that turned out to be amusingly bad? Relive those memories together.
  10. Express your gratitude directly. Of course, it’s also beneficial to express your gratitude directly. While simple, saying something like “thanks for everything” can be remarkably effective.

The Power of Showing Appreciation

Why go through all this trouble?

Showing appreciation to your family members is beneficial for a number of reasons.

  • Bonding. For starters, showing appreciation to your family members helps you bond with them. This works both ways; you’ll feel closer to them and they’ll feel closer to you.
  • Reciprocity and support. This is also a good way to encourage reciprocity and mutual support. If you go out of your way to help them with things and thank them for the help they provide, they’ll be much more likely to help you and others in the future.
  • Feeling good. Expressing gratitude is great for your mental health. It fills you with optimism and more positive sentiments about your life.

Everyone can benefit from showing more gratitude and appreciation. Whether you send flowers, write notes, or just tell your family members how much you love and appreciate them, you’ll likely see a positive impact on your family dynamics after adopting these practices.