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10 Simple Time Management Tips For A Career Woman

Spending your time appropriately among your family and work is not easy, especially if you have a job that requires you to have the ability to manage your schedule to perfection.

Besides, career options should also run a balanced role between your family and work conditions. All must be set right so that your obligation for your company aligns with the sacrifices you made. This exchange should benefit you, and your family in the end.

If you are a career worker and are trying to balance life between you and your family and work, you should read this article till the end.

  1. Make a priority schedule

Create work schedules, household affairs, and other obligations as detail as possible. Arrange from the most important to unimportant ones. It is recommended that this activity is set to be done for a week. After having a schedule, then work one by one your role according to the planned priority.

  1. Do not be reluctant to refuse activities that are not important

Inviting friends to hang out, watching movies, and eating together is necessary. But not every day. You must be aware that you have a priority on the job, family, and children. Occasionally you can refuse a friend’s invitation that is considered unimportant.

  1. Commitment with a prioritized schedule

If you already have an active program for a week of work, family, or an appointment with a spouse or child, then commitment should be made. Once you break the schedule, everything will fall apart. It will start to be out of your control.

  1. Use your time as best you can

The time you have is concise and valuable. So do not waste your time with less important things. If you can complete your work today, then do not postpone it. Because if you delay, either you will not be able to give your best due to a time limit, you will also create a bad habit that will make you delay again in the same circumstance in the future.

  1. Do not hesitate to ask for support from your couple or family

Preferably, before you work, ask for prayer for your spouse and your family. The prayer of them will strengthen you. Their prayers are the most valuable support. If they want to pray, it means they support your career.

  1. Using technology facilities

Nowadays, technological sophistication makes the job easier. Use technology to simplify and speed up your work. Additionally, use technology as a medium to stay in touch with your partner. To keep together awake even though far from you.

  1. Learn to be able to do two things at a time or multitasking

If you are a career woman, you can wash dishes while waiting for cooked dishes. Or while talking on the phone with someone, you can fold dry laundry. For you men, if you take a break, a casual conversation on the phone with a partner will make your spirits rise.

  1. Delegate your task

If you have an assistant, you can delegate some of your work and manage your job schedule for you. Meanwhile, you can focus your time and effort on the work itself, rather than control and set reminders all by yourself which is not an easy task to tell you from my experience. Alternatively, you can learn time management skills which can help you develop a habit to increase your productivity.

  1. Take a Vacation

Avoid working without a break for extended periods of time. Too much stress can be harmful to your health and will end up with unproductive works. Go on a short vacation with your family, and return to your job with full energy thus be more productive in your job.

  1. Wake up early

Maximize your work and time well by waking up early. Also, you will get enough energy in the morning to do most important task as soon as possible. Because waking up early will increase the spirit and improve performance. Before leaving for office, you can do several things, such as bathing children, cooking, doing office work and others.