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10 Signs that Show You’re not Over Your Ex

Break ups can be hurtful, they open up wounds that are hard to heel and cause negative emotions. A break up is an end of a love adventure that once made us happy, and getting over a break up can be really hard.

So you think you’re over your ex? After the long hours spent in front of the mirror telling yourself you’re over him and the many days filled with false smiles in a tempt to show yourself that you’re happy without him, there might still be some signs that give away your love. Stop fooling yourself and don’t deny that you’re over your ex. He still has your heart if:


1. You spy on him on Facebook. You check his Facebook every day and you read all his statuses and commentaries trying to learn if he’s sad about the separation and if he has any intention to come back to you. You look through his photographs to find if there’s someone new in his life and you freak out when you see a comment from another girl.

2. You count the days spent without him. You always know how long you’re separated, till the day.

3. Your friends start to roll their eyes when you say his name for the hundredth time. They’re sick and tired of hearing you say that it was his fault and how your relationship fell apart. Your friend’s reaction should be an indication that your ex is the only subject in your conversations. If you always talk about him that means that you still have feelings for him.

4. You dress up hoping you’ll meet him. It’s Friday night and you put on the dress he loved, hoping you’ll meet him and remind him of what he lost. You intentionally visit the places when he often hands out so you can “accidentally” bump into him.

5. You become the center of the party when you see him. You start laughing out loud, you talk to guys that flirt with you and dance like crazy. You do all these things just to show him that you’re not suffering and to make him come back into your fun life.

6. You get teary eyes when you hear “your song”. Your songs starts playing and you start tearing up. Those lovely memories start to come back and you suddenly start to feel sad.

7. You’re not immune to the “drunk” calls. “In Vino Veritas”. You drink the third glass of wine and you start dialing his number. You might feel ashamed the next morning, but the truth is you that you still feel the need to hear his voice.

8. You compare everyone with him. You finally decided to go on a date but during the date you started comparing your date with your ex. So many thoughts came across your mind: “He doesn’t have his sense of humor”; “His eyes were prettier” etc.

9. You have a list of things you want to say to him. You feel the need to share with him the exciting and even bad things that happened to you after the break up.

10. You heart starts pounding when you hear your phone ring. If you think “Is it him calling?” as you run to grab your phone, then you’re definitely not ready to leave things in the past. You always hope to receive a phone call from him.