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10 Signs that Show He’s the One

Have you ever wondered if the guy you’re dating is truly the one? These are the signs that will show you that you’re in a relationship with the right person and that he really and truly is the ONE.


1. He wants to do everything with you

He plans the summer vacations, he has plans for the future, he plans how to spend the evening with you… You’re a part of all his plans and he wants to do everything with you!

2. He compliments you every day

Not a day goes by without him making you feel like beautiful, wanted and attractive. He reminds you every day that you’re the best thing in his life!

3. He takes care of you

He can’t imagine something happening to you because he can’t imagine his life without you. He always makes sure you’re safe!

4. He really listens to you

he doesn’t pretend he’s listening, he’s actually paying attention to what you’re saying. He always makes time to listen about your problems and he’s always there for you!

5. Making love is amazing

The secret is – the person who loves you, would want the both of you to enjoy making love. He won’t focus on his own pleasure, your pleasure is more important.

6. He respects your family and friends

He respects all the people in your life. He respects you and won’t ever make anything to look bad in front of your family and friends.

7. He says Sorry when he’s wrong

He doesn’t disappear after an argument. He says he’s sorry when he’s wrong and he won’t let his pride get in the way in your relationship.

8. He calls you ”mine”

He calls you mine because he really, truly feels you’re his!

9. He gives you gifts for no reason

Photos, cute little love letters, your favorite candy… he always gives you cute little gifts that he knows will put a smile on your face!

10. He says “I love you”

He reminds you every day that he loves you and he isn’t ashamed to recognize that in front of the whole world!

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