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10 Signs He’s Not Ready For a Marriage

Here are some of the signs he is not ready for a marriage:


He Isn’t Ready For Making Big Decisions

If he can’t decide yet what kind of career he wants to follow or where he wants to live, definitely he is not ready for the ring.

When He Talks About His Future, He Doesn’t Mention You

If he talks about what he wants to be in 10 years and he doesn’t talk about you, even his plans are funny and unrealistic, you should probably know that he is not ready to settle down yet.

He Doesn’t Ask You About Your Long-Term Goals

If he doesn’t show any interest about your future and long-term plans, maybe he doesn’t see himself in it.

He Doesn’t Know How To Handle With Conflicts

A good relationship is all about trust, confidence and maintenance. Still, fights can happen. If he is totally shut down emotionally or he easily loses his temper during small disagreements, he is definitely not ready for a marriage.

He Avoids Your Family Meetings

If he doesn’t want to go to lunch with your parents, then he is not ready yet.

He Doesn’t Like Your Friends

If he doesn’t accept your friends, then he doesn’t accept you either.

He Critizices You

If he constantly criticizes you about your personal things, such as: ‘Why did you spend so much money on that dress?’ or ‘Why you are spending your free days with your friends?’, then he is not ready to take on the big things.

And remember, they never seem ready to settle down until, well, they are.