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10 Secret Tricks That Will Make Your Lashes Apsolutely Gorgeous

A few strokes with the mascara wand can do a miracle! It’s a known fact that women’s secret weapon of seduction is their thick and long lashes. Not everyone is blessed with voluminous and breathtaking eyelashes, but luckily, we have the 10 secret tricks that will make your lashes look irresistible.

Here are the 10 secret tricks for having absolutely gorgeous lashes:

1. Apply coconut or olive oil with a clean mascara brush 10 minutes before applying your makeup. The oil will protect your lashes from the chemicals found in cosmetics.

2. Biotin and Vitamin E consumption can increase the growth of your lashes.

3. Soak your mascara tube in some hot water to warm it up. This way you will prevent clumps.

4. Bend your mascara brush to 90 degrees. This way is easier to apply the mascara.

5. Add a few drops of olive oil or saline solution to get the same consistency the mascara had when it was brand new.

6. Warm your eyelash curler with your hairdryer seconds before you use it. This way your lashes will stay curled for a longer period of time.

7. Add baby powder on your lashes before putting on the mascara. Apply the powder from the roots to the end. This way your lashes will look more voluminous. Apply a coat of mascara afterwards.

8. To make the color of your lashes more intensive, apply the mascara on both sides, inside and outside.

9. To make your eyes pop even more, use a bright eyeliner on your lower lash line. This way your lashes will look more voluminous and your eyes visually bigger.

10. If you don’t know which mascara is best for you, consult a specialist. Choosing the right mascara wand is key to having the perfect lashes.

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