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10 Secret The Beauty Industry Is Hiding From You

Have you ever wondered how celebrities always look perfect and flawless? Well, the truth is that they have dozens of personal beauty experts that helps them look their best.

If you want to look flawless, here are some beauty secrets that the beauty industry doesn’t want you to know:

1. Always wear sunscreen

We’ve talked about this a lot, and the truth is that you can’t have healthy and beautiful skin without using sunscreen. Apply SPF every day before leaving the house, even if there’s no son outside to keep your skin looking healthy.

2. Rub an ice cube into your skin

To prevent a dull complexion, all you need to do is rub an ice cube on your face for a few seconds. This trick will stimulate circulation and will make your skin glow.

3. Don’t over-dry your skin when there’s an inflammation

Most anti-spot products contain benzoyl peroxide that causes inflammation and aggravates the skin. Products that contain alcohol can also have a bad effect on your skin. Try exfoliating your skin with salicylic or lactic acid instead.

4. Store your beauty products the right way

Storing your beauty products in your bathroom can make them expire more quickly because of the warm and humid air. Store your face creams in the fridge.

5. Don’t use scrubs if your skin is prone to acne

Don’t use scrubs, sponges and brushes if your skin is prone to acne, because you can end up with an inflammation. Don’t use soap to cleanse your skin and apply some aspirin and water paste directly on the spots to reduce the inflammation.

6. Clean everything that touches your skin

Do NOT touch your face with dirty hands! If you have dry skin, change your pillowcase at least once a week. If your skin is oily, change them once every 3 days. Don’t forget to clean your smartphone screen!

7. A facial massage will help you get rid of dark under-eye circles

If you want to get rid of the dark circles under your eyes, try a lymph drainage massage. The massage will smooth your skin, stimulate lymph flow and make those dark bags disappear.

8. Take good care of your hands

Your hands also need special care. Don’t forget to moisten your hands with cream and to apply SPF on a daily basis.

9. Take off your bra before going to bed

Wearing a tight or wired bra when sleeping, can constrict blood circulation and cause health problems. It can sometimes also cause skin irritation and darkening of the skin under the wire and straps.

10. Cleanse your makeup thoroughly

Don’t you ever go to bed with makeup on! This can cause inflammation and blocked pores! Always cleanse your skin before going to bed!