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10 Love Stories That Will Hit You Right in The Heart

Sometimes, life can produce love stories that no Hollywood scriptwriter could ever dream up.

We gathered the 10 best stories of the everyday situations and events full with love, kindness and happiness.


I always thought that only money can bring you happiness, but today my opinion changed forever. My husband was told that his cancer had been completely removed! I cried all day from happiness.


Today, I chose the wrong number and accidentally sent my dad a message saying “I love you,“ which was meant for my husband. A few minutes later I got a reply: ”I love you too. Dad.” It was so touching. We say things like that to each other so rarely.


I woke up from someone breathing close to my ear. I opened my eyes to see the cutest labrador puppy I’ve ever seen. My parents had remembered my dream from 20 years ago, when I was still a kid. At that time they couldn’t get a dog because of the small size of our apartment and our neighbors. Now that I live alone in a large apartment, they decided to get me a special present.


I found out that I was pregnant. I phoned my husband, who was in the subway. I told him this was it: he was going to be a father. There was a moment of silence, then I heard him shout, “I’M GOING TO BE A DAD!” followed by the applause of the people in the train.


A month ago, I was dating a girl. Today I found out that she’s pregnant, but she never told me. She just disappeared. When I found out, I went over to see her at her place. She told me that she didn’t want to put too much stress on me and ruin my life… What was she thinking? I’m in seventh heaven!


Every day, I travel on the same bus. I see the same guy every day. And every day, he gives up his seat to me. Today, he decided to start a conversation with me. And this evening, we’re going on a date.


Half a year ago, I was walking through the city at night. I was crossing a bridge over a small river when I noticed a young woman standing on the railings. She intended to jump. I quietly walked up to her; we began talking, and I suggested she come have a cup of tea at my place. Sometimes, you can find what fate has prepared for you where you least expect it.


An old man said to me today as we were walking out of the candy store, “Don’t be sad. Everything will be OK!” Of course I knew this because I was on my way to buy a cake.


I saw a girl who looked about eight years old at the store today. She was talking to a dog, petting it and smiling. Her parents were standing to one side. Holding her by the hand, they were watching her, and it was clear from their faces that they were happy. I later learned that their daughter was autistic, and that was the first time they’d heard her talk using full sentences.


My current partner, Katy, led me away from my family. This happened in the nicest possible way. A year ago I had an accident, and I was in a coma for a long time. All of my relatives — my ex-wife, even my parents — signed a document allowing my life support equipment to be switched off. Katy is one of my childhood friends. When she found out that they planned to end my life, she asked the doctors not to rush into anything. And while my family thought it was the end, Katy was sitting at my bedside. After a week, thanks to her help, I woke up. I survived, and now we’re together. I’m happy.