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10 Life Hacks That Can Help You Survive In an Emergency

The first thing we do in emergency situations is asking for advice from a family member or friend. But sometimes, their recommendations can be harmful to our health. Don’t worry, because these 10 life hacks will help you distinguish the myth from the right thing to do in first aid.

1. Rubbing a person with alcohol and vinegar when having a fever

Wrong: Alcohol and vinegar get absorbed into the blood. Alcohol can cause intoxication and vinegar can raise the acidity.

Do it right: Drink a lot of liquids and cool the air in the room.

2. Applying ice to a bruise

Wrong: Don’t apply the ice pack directly to the skin or you can get a cold burn.

Do it right: Place a cloth between the pack and your skin. Apply the pack for 20 minutes, make a 20 minutes pause and repeat.

3. Setting a bone on your own

Wrong: Don’t do it by yourself because you can cause more damage.

Do it right: Immobilize the injured limb and take the patient to the hospital. Bandage the limb in a comfortable position.

4. Using a butter to treat burns

Wrong: Butter dries and creates disrupt thermal exchange. The heat will only go deeper and cause more damage.

Do it right: Place the burned area in cold water for 15 minutes. Do not burst the blisters because you’ll only expose your burn infections.

5. Lifting up an unconscious person

Wrong: When someone faints, don’t lift them or sprinkle them with cold water. This will only make the condition worse.

Do it right: Lift the fainted person’s legs up. Remove too tight clothes and don’t let the person get up when awake.

6. Applying warmth to a sprain

Wrong: Warm cloth won’t help you with sprain muscles. Heat will only strengthen your blood flow and cause more pain.

Do it right: Apply cold. Cold will help you soothe the inflammation and pain.

7. Dealing with a foreign object in the eye

Wrong: You risk getting an injury.

Do it right: Cover your eye with a gauze and go see the doctor.

8. Applying ointments to a wound

Wrong: A wound will heal faster in fresh air.

Do it right: Clean the wound thoroughly and dress it with a clean bandage.

9. Making yourself vomit in case of poisoning

Wrong: This is prohibited if you’ve been poisoned with alkali, acid or other substances.

Do it right: Immediately call an ambulance. Don’t drink milk or soda to induce vomiting, just drink lots of warm water.

10. Using stitches instead of glue to close wounds

Wrong: Putting stitches can be painful and a long procedure. Using glue is painless and quick.

Do it right: Apply pressure to stop the bleeding. Close the edges of the wound and apply the glue.