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10 Helpful Tips on How to Have a Great Wedding on a Small Budget

Congratulations on getting the ring! Now, it’s time to plan the big day. But wait, how’s your budget for this? How much are you willing to splurge on your “I Do”?

The average cost of nuptials in the UK costs around £24,000, which is a tremendous amount for a one-day event. Sure, it’s a once-in-a-lifetime occasion, but you don’t have to drown in debt.

The costs can quickly add up from the venue to wedding favours, even if you write down every little expense. So there are a lot of small-budget wedding ideas you can follow. Read on for some helpful wedding tips to create a budget-friendly ceremony.

Tip#1: Know what kind of wedding you want

Think about the overall feeling you want on the big day. Do you want a cosy wedding? Do you imagine a lavish reception? Or do you dream of a classic wedding?

How you and your beau imagine your wedding will be is the first priority and will determine how the other expenses will follow.

Tip#2: Create a budget and commit to it

Sit down with your partner and do a heart-to-heart talk about how you want your wedding to be. Of course, you both dream of stress-free planning, so create a budget and one hundred percent commit to it.

Tip#3: You can marry out of season

Avoid getting hitched from June to August as those are the peak months – which means higher costs on the venue, decors, vendors, etc. Instead, book your wedding between January and February, as these months are considered off-season. Another easy way to reduce your wedding cost is to tie the knot on a weekday.

Tip#4: Choose your guests carefully

An old friend you have never talked to for more than six years? Don’t invite. A cousin whom you only exchange greetings with? Don’t invite. A distant relative who has helped you during a significant problem? Do invite. A new friend who has been supporting you ever since you hit it off? Invite. Keep your guest list as intimate as possible, so each penny you spend is worth it, especially on a cheap wedding.

Tip#5: Decide what is nonnegotiable

Know what’s most important to you and your fiancé. Is the unlimited cocktail a high priority? Is it a must to have tea candles on each table? Do you both want a live jazz band during the reception? Decide on the three non-negotiables so that whatever changes happen during the planning, you’ll still feel satisfied with the result.

Tip#6: Thrift the dress and suit

Thrift shops are your best friends when it comes to having a small budget. Wedding dresses under 500 are also worth considering if you are on a tight budget and there are also a lot of vintage dresses and tuxedos in different shops, so you’ll have a lot of options. In addition, you might score designer outfits at low prices if you get lucky.

Tip#7: Stick to easy-to-find colour palettes

Bohemian and earthy colours are typical colour palettes. You can find brown bridesmaid dresses easily for the bride tribe as the shade is a staple among beautiful dresses.

Tip#8: Print your wedding invitations

There are a ton of free elegant invitation templates on different websites, such as Etsy and Canva. Make sure you choose something that goes well with your theme. This is also a part of your wedding plan where you can save so much money.

Tip#9: Choose a venue with a catering package

Having the venue and catering in one package is more manageable, so you don’t need to talk to many vendors. A lot of venues nowadays do this to help the nearly-weds cut costs.

Tip#10: Go DIY

DIY is the key to making sure you’re on the budget. But, of course, if you have artistic juices flowing in your veins, it’s advisable to use your talent, so you don’t overspend. Nonetheless, if you’re not creative, you can search on YouTube for how to design and start from there.

Great Wedding on a Small Budget

Weddings on a small budget are possible as long as both partners are committed. So stick with your budget and check wedding blog Follow these wedding tips to help you create a practical yet magical happily ever after.