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10 Girls Bedroom Ideas and Designs

Looking for inspiration to decorate your daughter’s room? Check out these creative and fun girls bedroom ideas.

Surprise your little girl with the room design of her dreams, and make her feel that she means more than a million pounds to you. There are thousands of girls bedroom design ideas, and we present the 10 best, from which you can pick from.

Here’s some inspiration…

Canopy Bed Design

Make your girl’s room quite different from the ones she sees in her friend’s house. The canopy bed design is easy to do, you will only have to make some changes to a conventional room design. Your daughter will definitely love this comfort bad, since canopy bed can improve her way of thinking, creativity and design.

Purple Color Design

If your girl loves purple color, then decorating her room with purple items will make her feel like a queen. There are many items you can make purple, such as the pillow case, curtains, lamp, paintings… Remember, everything must not be purple in the room, you can also add some white to make her room more interesting.

Interesting Wall Decorations

Decorate the walls with something that cherishes your girl. Find out what is your little girl hobby, and include it in her room. For an example, if your girl loves skateboarding, you can hang skateboards in different colors above the bed.

Decorative Box Charge Station

Make your girl unique box charging station that can contain her phones and accessories. Choose her favorite color to decorate it, she will absolutely love it.

White and Black Curtains

Choose simple curtains design for your girl, like black and white. Instead of ending up with color combination that might disturb her, she can have some white and black spotted curtain and pillow in her room that will drive her instinct for nature and peace.

Canopy Tent Reading Corner

Create your daughter a unique canopy tent reading corner with a cute decoration. This is a great way of motivating your child to read more. Having special nook will make her to enjoy studying and spend quality time for reading her books, instead of playing with her friends after school hours.

Holly Golightly Charm

If your girl wants to become a model, a singer, or dreams to become famous when grow up, then a picture of Holly Golightly will work best for your child. Remember, the picture goes with other things in the room that depict the time of the famous icon, such as an old bed and painting the room in the same color as the picture will create a long lasting effect.

The Zigzag Design

The zigzag design can be very inspiring for your girl, if her favorite colors are blue, black and white. You can paint the wall in a zigzag, and make her bed color match with that on the wall. Place them close to each other to improve the appearance.

Bunk Room Design

The bunk design is a great option for parents who have two girls and a low budget to buy two separate beds. Besides, being together in the same room is great for them as it improves their sense of togetherness and interaction. You can decorate their bunk with zigzag lines of white and black, or depending on what the girls want.

Shared Room Dorm Design

This bedroom design is perfect if you have twins, when everything in the room will be equally same for both girls. The identical design for twins will make more sense if the interior decoration is made in their favorite colors. The advantage of this design is that one half of the room is just like a mirror image of the other half.