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10 Family City Breaks in UK to Try This Summer

Family breaks can be great fun in summers and if the destination is the UK, you can up the level of fun and excitement. There are plenty of ideas for breaks you can take with your family, and children. After all, there are always fun summer activities and cultural wonders to explore. There is a lot one can do and explore while on a summer holiday in England. Explore the scenic countryside or look for fun spots packed with child-friendly activities. Family days out in the UK mean having a picnic in a national park. zooming down a zip wire in a forest or loads of fun on a beach.

 Here are some great ideas to explore this summer holidays in the UK with your family.

1. Suffolk for Hidden Meadows Glamping – Set in beautiful meadows of the Suffolk countryside with tranquil surroundings, this is a perfect way to enjoy nature. Spread across 25 acres, wherever you look, your eyes will find only wildflower meadows and lush green woodland. Enjoy great hikes, and picnics on your summer break and toast marshmallows over the campfire. Children will love the supply of coffee, hot chocolate, and homemade cake. What makes the experience special, and relaxing is the ponds, reedbeds and a large stream that run through the countryside. This is a perfect idea for the family looking for a quiet, relaxing getaway in the countryside.

2. Family fun in the city of Nottingham – Nottingham is the ideal location for families looking for fun and adventure. Discover a hidden world here, and there are hundreds of sandstone caves that are just waiting to be explored. It is like exploring a City of Caves that was home to the slum dwellers once. Creswell Crags in the north side boasts of a striking limestone gorge and fantastic interactive exhibitions. Located in the Midlands region, the city is well famous for Nottingham Castle Museum and Art Gallery and the Lace Market area. Other highlights include the Sherwood Forest towards the north of Nottingham and the caves of Creswell Crags where one can spend an adventurous day.

3. Stoke-on-Trent for a great adventure– Plan a family break in Stoke-on-Trent for endless family fun and adventure. You are sure to spend quality time together with loads of adventures, laughs good times after all this is a city full of fun. It is indeed a great base for a family fun break that boasts of an amazing selection of thrill rides. Lose yourself in the hide and “speak” maze on the 1km long Barefoot walk or step into the Trentham Monkey Forest where you will meet playful Barbary macaques. Swing through the trees at Aerial Extreme, and do not forget to visit the Potteries Museum & Art Gallery.

4. Cheshire to get up close with animalsChester Zoo is one of the most popular zoos in the UK. What you will find here is a zoo with no bars, and what separate the animals from the visitors is ditches and moats. Enjoy the stunning recreation of tropical environments within the zoo and you can easily recognize Sumba, Sulawesi, Panay, Papua, and Sumatra. Visitors can see more thousands of species of hundreds of different species. A spacious and colorful environment for kids is the Artsplace where they can learn drawing, and coloring from nationally-acclaimed instructors.

5. Leicestershire for outdoor adventure– Another popular city for summer break is Leicestershire and this is where you can create fantastic memories with your family. There are amazing attractions for the whole family, the adults, the big and the younger kids. Visit the Twycross Zoo, the National Space Centre, and explore the National Forest and test your survival skills. There is plenty here to keep your adrenalin rushing such as furious water sports, 500m toboggan ride or wall climbing. Other places of interest include Twinlakes Park that offers fun-filled play zones for kids and the Gorse Hill City Farm where the whole family can look forward to a fun-filled educational day. Megazone offers -filled hours for the whole family with laser guns.

6. Manchester for the LEGO fans – Discover the LEGOLAND at Manchester and what could be more exciting, and fun than to explore the LEGOLAND Discovery Centre. Just see your kids completely immerse into a world of their own and where only their imagination thrives. There are battery powered off-road vehicles and a Kingdom Quest ride to the LEGO CITY that provide fun and excitement to young and old fans of LEGO. Check out the MINILAND made of more than 1.5 million LEGO bricks.

7. Somerset for fun-filled hours– Enjoy a family break in Bath for free as the Bath in Somerset is loaded with free fun activities for the whole family. Children will love exploring the art museum and the woodland play area. Plan a picnic if you head for the National Trust’s Bath Skyline Walk that boasts of perfect vantage points to enjoy the views of the city below. Let your little ones explore nature, and have wild fun like swinging, for tree climbing or enjoying a log seesaw before heading back.

8. Lancashire for that model village – Lancashire is famous for its perfectly formed Model Village, Wander Blackpool. Families simply love coming here as they get truly fascinated with the rural life of English and cannot but help marvel at the exquisite detail of those handmade figurines. Blackpool’s Model Village is made of pretty Cornish fishing village with thatched cottages. There is even a majestic castle with guardsmen in the minuscule village.

9. Plymouth for the adventurous family – Plymouth is just perfect to bring out the adventurous streak in the families. Hundreds of families arrive here for outdoor adventures and fun. Look forward to activities like scuba diving, climbing, water sports, boat trips, cycling, and walks. Visit the Plymouth Life Centre that boasts of Olympic-sized swimming pool and is just perfect to spend a rainy day indoors. There are even an artificial ski slope and indoor ice rink for the winter sports lovers. Plymouth is renowned for the first artificial wreck in England, the HMS Scylla, which is home to many diverse species of marine life.

10. Leeds to enjoy the tropical world– Do not miss the chance to immerse yourself in Tropical World that is home to Water Dragons and baby meerkats. It is indeed exciting to see a baby meerkat that emerges from behind a rock, and blinks at you with those big dark eyes. Apart from those cute baby meerkats, you will find a wide range of animals from all across the world, like from the freshwater lakes Mexico. Some examples include crocodiles, Burmese Python, and a Yellow Anaconda.