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10 Easy Sewing Projects for Kids

Keeping your kids occupied can be difficult sometimes, but fortunately these days there are available all sorts of practical options. One of them is sewing and it seems that this field is very generous as it offers a great variety of projects that are both fun and useful. Many of them are quite simple to do and they are meant to develop your kids’ dexterity, being at the same time a great way to relax after school. Children are able to learn new things with ease, so if you’re into sewing, then maybe it’s time to introduce your kids to this activity. To start with, you need a childrens sewing machine that can help them finish the project much faster and without putting them at risk. In order to make these projects, you can supervise them to be sure they follow the instructions or you can help them and have more fun together. Now, let’s see some of the most popular and easy sewing projects for children and how exactly you can do them.

 1. Glove Monsters

Making glove monsters can turn out to be a really fun activity for kids, putting imagination to work when they get bored. So, for this nice project, you will need gloves, batting, a sewing machine, a needle with thread, and something for embellishing, like buttons for example. First, you need to turn the glove inside out and sew it all the way from the top of the thumb hole to the other side by leaving a hole that allows you to turn it right side out. After you do this, you need to place the cuff inside and stuff with butting, ensuring yourself that all the fingers are well-stuffed. Continue by sewing the hole and start creating the monsters by sewing whatever you want on the glove.

2. Colorful Belt

For making a kid belt you will need some beautifully colored stripe fabric and two D rings. Start by measuring the waist of the kid in order to find out the length of the belt. Remember to add a few more inches to the length. Then, cut the strip of fabric to the required length and about 3 inches wide. Continue by folding the fabric in order to place the right sides together and then sew it up on the long side. After that, carefully turn the right side out and press the fabric to make it flat. After this, all you have to do is to fold the fabric at both ends and sew it in place. The last step is to slip the fabric through the D rings at one end and sew it for the last time. The result? A nice colorful belt for your kid that will be their favorite accessory. So, give it a try.

3. Fabric Bookmark

Another great project any kid will love is the fabric bookmark. To start with, you have to decide upon a scrap fabric and prepare the sewing machine and some scissors. Cut two rectangular shapes of the same size and place them together with right sides out. Stich them with the kids sewing machine by selecting the zig-zags and curves stitches. Make more sewing lines down the fabric to keep the fabric well tight and you are all done. Quite easy, right?

4. Funny Headband

Here is another interesting project. Making a headband is quite easy and fun and all you need is a piece of fabric and one of interfacing, elastic headband, a scrap of matching felt and glue. Being by cutting the fabric and iron it on the interfacing. Then stitch both ends with the sewing machine and fold the right sides together and stitch the long edges together. Afterwards, carefully turn the right side out and iron it. Then sew pleats into the fabric, folding it under approximately one inch and continue by sewing them down. Cut a piece of felt to fit the fabric and place the elastic between the felt and the fabric and glue them together. For making the headband funnier, you can also glue some buttons on the fabric.

5. Sewing Cards

A simple, yet creative sewing project is to make sewing cards. For this, you only need big sheets of craft foam to cut it in whatever shape you want (square, rectangular, etc.). You can even cut it in a butterfly or star form. Continue by making connect-the-dot designs with the help of a toothpick. After this, take a sewing needle and use embroidery floss to finish the design.

6. Fabric Scrap Keychain

This project is a little more complicated and you definitely need a sewing machine to make it properly. There are many things you will need to begin your sewing project including fabric scraps, one sided iron-on interfacing, twill tape, pinking shears, and a key ring. The result is quite amazing and your kid will surely love their new fabric scrap keychain because it was made with their own hands. To be sure you get the best results, you may want to watch a tutorial first and see how exactly you can achieve the most beautiful key chain.

7. Fabric Flower

You can create very beautiful fabric flowers with just a few things. So, you need 5 pieces of flowers (you can use the same fabric or 5 different ones) a circular stencil and a button. Start by cutting out 5 circles, then fold each of them in half and half again, obtaining a quarter. Use a needle and sew a running stitch across each curved part of the fabric until you finish all of them. Make sure you secure the last petal with the first one and sew the button in the middle.

8. Pocket Scarf

A pocket scarf is quite great for your kids because it’s easy to do and it also protects their hands in the winter. To make this project you can use an old scarf. Decide the length of the scarf by making sure your children can comfortably keep their both hands in the pockets. Continue by folding up the ends and sew the sides.

9. Doll Dress

This type of project is for girls, so if you have a daughter you can be sure she will love it. There are many tutorials on the Internet that can help your kid make a stylish dress for their doll, so she just has to choose the one that she likes best. A sewing machine for kids is necessary for fast and better results and some fabric you don’t use anymore.

10. Scented Sachets

Kids are curious about smells so they will simply love the idea of making tiny scented sachets to place them in their rooms. For making one sachet you will only need 2 small fabric squares (approximately 5 inches), a sewing machine, and whatever herbs or aromatic ingredients your kids like (lavender for example). Begin by sewing the two squares together and leave a small opening on one side to fill the sachet with the herbs. Secure it by sewing the opening.

In this article, you can find various easy sewing projects for your kids. All of them are interesting and they will surely raise the interest of your children, being the perfect activity for a summer afternoon. All you need to make them is time, imagination and a sewing machine for kids.