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10 Dazzling Benefits of Hibiscus For Skin And Hair

The health benefits of hibiscus flowers for your skin and hair are remarkable. It’s amazing what this humble flower can do to make your skin and hair look healthy, youthful, glowing and full of life.  Numerous biologically active compounds and antioxidants present in hibiscus add up to a complete healthy skin essential. In ayurveda/traditional/herbal, the hibiscus and their extracts are used in making skin brightening face masks, as an active astringent, in facial mists/waters, emollients, facial cleansers, and for overall healthy skin. Modern skin care infuses hibiscus and its extracts for their natural anti-oxidant AHA (α Hydroxyl Acids), polyphenols while the anthocyanins – the colored pigment present and the natural acids present serves the purpose for gentle skin exfoliation, increase skin elasticity, to even the skin tone.

According to research journals and literatures, the flower acids and anti-oxidants in hibiscus tends to show 50% increase in skin hydration, 10-20% more cell renewal when compared to results of conventional or synthesized AHA’s. The reduction of skin wrinkles, anti-bacterial and high anti-inflammatory properties are essential for a healthy skin which is available naturally in hibiscus variants.


After all, it’s fair enough that everyone says yes and deserves a healthy glowing skin and Hair.

  1. Skin Brightening

The naturally occurring α-Hydroxy Acids (AHA) and organic acids present in hibiscus helps to purify and brighten your skin by breaking down dead cells and increase the cell-turnover, by means that it stimulates your skin to produce new healthy cells. Without damaging your skin the hibiscus extracts are known to gently remove dirt, oiliness, skin tan and unclogs pores which encourages a healthy, firm, brightened and glowing complexion.

  1. Improved & Even Skin Tone

The skin tone differs with every individual. The key you need to know is to manage the skin tone which you have by improving it, taking care of it and maintaining it. Hibiscus petals and their extracts act as a natural means of toning for your skin. Hibiscus infused facial tonic mists or toners does great work for your skin; it enhances and evens out your skin, unclogs and shrinks the pores giving out a firm, radiant and happy looking skin.

  1. Rich in Skin-Friendly Anti-oxidants

The Hibiscus and their variants are rich in skin-friendly antioxidants that ensures you get a healthy glowing and nourished skin. The α-Hydroxy Acid (AHA’s) in hibiscus has bio-complexes like phytic, pyruvic, mandelic and azaleic which provides natural exfoliation and stimulates collagen synthesis. Powerful anti-oxidants like polyphenols, anthocyanins present in hibiscus extracts reduce the oxidative stress from the skin due to sun exposure and pollution.

  1. Deep Hydration For Skin

Hibiscus has large amount of naturally occurring mucilage – a sticky substance. You can see and feel them when you crush or grind the hibiscus leafs and petals. The Mucilage is a fantastic plump natural moisturizer and a mild dirt-remover that is gentle on skin which deeply hydrates and enhances the skin tone and glow.

  1. Effective Facial Steam

Adding hibiscus petals to your facial steam will greatly nourish your skin. With loads of benefits, adding few hibiscus petals to your facial steam along with your favorite essential oil can give a soothing feel and the active ingredients will gently remove dirt, dead cells, oiliness, unclogs the pores and provide the right amount of glow to your skin.

  1. Natural Cleanser/Exfoliate

With natural AHA’s and organic plant acids, the hibiscus can makes up to an effective mild and gentle cleanser. In either form, be it a powder or freshly ground paste or in any forms of extracts, the hibiscus gently cleanses away dirt and impurities, improves blood circulation and gives you a fresh and clean skin.

  1. Corrects Spots & Hyper-Pigmentation

Including hibiscus in your skincare regime will greatly nourish and enhance your skin especially if you have pesky spots or hyper-pigmentation. Regular use of hibiscus in your face mask or as a cleanser will gently and effectively remove the dead cells responsible for the pesky black spots and improves blood circulation. The antioxidants and AHA’s encourage the cell turn-over and correct the hyper pigmented spots and enhances the skin tone.

  1. Promotes Hair Growth

Apart from beautifying your skin, health benefits of hibiscus include the hair growth promotion as well. Hibiscus and their variants are a nature’s potent bounty when it comes to hair care. Since ancient times till now, every hair care and hair growth regime will not fail to include hibiscus extracts. Regular use of freshly ground hibiscus paste on your hair gives you nourished, shiny and lustrous hair without a doubt. Hibiscus extracts can penetrate deep into the roots and strengthen it, thickens hair follicles and treats issues like itchiness, dirt, reduces split-ends eventually leading to improved healthy hair growth.

  1. Prevents Pre-Mature Graying

Silver streaks of hair can be intimidating and even more daunting when it happens earlier. You don’t have to pick them out or die them. The hibiscus does wonders for your hair. Hibiscus along with Indian gooseberry and curry leaves are a powerful mix that prevents pre-mature graying of hair and gives a lustrous healthy looking hair. Regular use of hibiscus in your hair care regime will not let you down when it comes to pre-mature graying. Colored pigments present in hibiscus will give a quirky burgundy shade, so add it with your hair masks for extra nourishment.

  1. Intense Scalp Nourishment

Yogurt and hibiscus paste mixed together gives you the perfect intense scalp hydration and nourishment which leaves salons and hair spa’s at bay. The mucilage from hibiscus flowers are an active hydrating ingredient that corrects frizzy, dry and under nourished hair and greatly reduces split ends. Hibiscus infused oils can be applied to scalp overnight regularly for a strong roots and nourished scalp.

Hibiscus and all their variants are without a second thought, one among the most effective natural ingredient for the skin care. We should put in our thought that skincare is not just limited to face and neck. It is holistic wellness both internally and externally. Eating right amount of nutritious food, taking up any physical activity be it a walk, a simple exercise or hitting the gym, mind free from negativity and stress along with proper skin care regimes will definitely help you to ace the healthy glowing skin full of life.