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10 Cruel Love Laws You Cannot Avoid

Relationships change over time, and the longer you are together, the more changes happen. Sometimes it can be scaring and disturbing, but if you pay attention, you will realize that they are just new stages of your love.

These are the 10 love laws that every couple is dealing with:

1. Trust can become extremely fragile

Relationships should be based on a solid trust. Sometimes this feeling has been ignored when the couples were newly together and as spouses, the trust levels can become thinner and thinner.

2. Sometimes you’ll be bored together

When you see someone every day and sleep, eat, argue, cuddle with the same person every day can make you get bored from one another. Try to add something new or try meeting your friends a little bit more.

3. You won’t be always on the same side

Sometimes your partner won’t agree with your opinions or decisions. Don’t get angry, just try to solve it as peaceful as possible and come with a solution to the problem together.

4. Marriage and children are not decision – they are challenge

Many people that are in long relationships think that the children will fill the gap between the partners and make their bond stronger. Both marriage and parenthood are very serious tasks, and you will have to learn how to be good parents, both of you, and sometimes that isn’t easy.

5. You won’t be attracted to each other forever

The passion in the relationship is wild only in the beginning. The passion goes away and the love becomes calmer. It’s important not to fall into despair and think that maybe you weren’t meant to be together. You can fix that.

6. You will feel lonely sometimes

Sometimes you will feel lonely and misunderstood at times. A marriage can also be the reason, no matter if it means totally the opposite. Everyone can feel that way sometimes, married or not.

7. You will have strange thoughts

“Should I get divorced?” or “Will I be happier with someone else?” are one of the most common questions that every partner has, even in the happiest couples. These questions don’t have any significance if the relationship is strong and both partners love each other without questions.

8. You will lose connection from time to time

Sometimes you won’t understand your partner, sometimes he won’t understand you. You may not pay attention to their words and so does the other one. You can lose the connection from time to time, but it’s not big of a problem. It can be because you’re both tired.

9. You will hurt each other

There isn’t a person, not even the most loved ones that will never hurt you. We are humans, we’re not born perfect, and we hurt each other. In long relationships when we know the partner and everything about them, it is very much possible to hurt each other while living together. It’s more important to apologize, and forgive.

10. Love can’t survive on its own

Like flowers need watering, good words and sun rays, so does love needs to be maintained with affection and care. Love is action more than a feeling. We have to work on our relationships to maintain the fire between us.