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10 Advices from Elder People on How to Have a Long and Healthy Marriage

“In sickness and in health, in richness and poor“ – the vows we give when we get married, it takes more than vows for a healthy marriage. You need to join forces with your partner and put a little effort to have and maintain a good relationship. These people have been married for decades and have some advices on how to have a long and healthy marriage. Take a look of what they’ve said:


1. Start your day with small things that make you happy

“Do something that makes your partner happy as soon as you wake up in the morning. It will keep her happy all day long”.- Antoan, 81 years old

2. Being close does not mean you’re connected

“You really need to put effort in your relationship. Listen to her and understand her words. Always share your thoughts with her.”- Ruben, 72 years old

3. Don’t worry about the wrinkles

“When you really love someone, you won’t even notice him or her aging.”- Alfredo,77 years old

4. Number 17

“It’s about arguments. If you have been arguing 16 times, you’ll just give up the 17th Just back off, it will be good for your relationship to back off sometimes.”- Ralph, 70 years old

5. Nurture your friendship

“Friendship is the only thing that will keep your relationship going. Nurture the friendship you have with your partner, friendship will keep your relationship alive”. – Lidia, 73 years old

6. Surround yourself with happy couples

“Happy people, happy life-it’s that simple. When you’re constantly hanging around with people complaining about their marriage , you’ll start having bad thoughts about your marriage too,”- Jeremy, 80 years old

7. Repeat their questions

“Repeat their questions to be sure that you understood what your loved one has asked you. This way you’ll avoid a lot of arguments caused by misunderstanding.”- Lusia, 75 years old

8. Help around the household

“It doesn’t matter whose turn is it to wash the dishes. If you find that easy, wash them yourself. This way you’ll create a pleasant atmosphere and your partner will be grateful”.- Dilan, 84 years old

9. Take a break

“If you feel like the argument is going out of control, take a break. It’s better to calm down rather than saying things you don’t mean.”- Chan, 75 years old

10. You must always learn

“Always be open to trying and learning new things. Marriage is a process of learning all sorts of things”.- Samantha, 80 years old