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This Woman Replaced Her Night Cream With Coconut Oil. See The Amazing Results!

Who doesn’t have a jar of organic, coconut oil in the kitchen? You can put it in your favorite smoothie or coffee, cookies, or you can use it for healing burns. Another great thing about coconut oil is that is incredible for your face, especially if you are prone to dry skin.

One woman decided to put coconut oil to the test and see if it’s good for her dry, 40-years old skin!

Here’s what she did:

Every night before going to bed, she cleaned her face thoroughly and apply a layer of coconut oil on her face instead of a fancy night cream. She rubbed the oil on her face, but also on neck, hands and elbows. In the morning, she put more oil on her face and neck after taking a shower.

Wonder what the results were? See the before and after photo below!


“I really love the way the coconut oil feels on my face. It’s super-moisturizing and nourishing, and it soaks in nicely so my face feels soft, but not greased up. I like the smell of coconut; if you don’t you probably could mask it a bit with an essential oil like lavender. So I’m going to keep using it. I don’t know that I’ll stop buying night cream altogether; some nights I might mix it up and use a regular cream. But I’m officially buying a second tub of coconut oil so I can have one in the kitchen and another in the bathroom,” explains the woman who did this interesting test.

Would you replace your face cream with coconut oil?

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