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Want to Buy a Himalayan Salt Lamp?! Read These 7 Hints How to Choose a Real Rather Than a Fake One

The popular Himalayan Salt Lamp renders incredibly beneficial results to its users and this is why this invention is considered to be revolutionary. Just like everything else in this world, once a gadget has a promised future on its way to the top, the increased demand in that same product would likely offer its bad copies on the market. In the peak of its popularity, the users of this product were numerous, which was the same reason why many ‘creators’ started producing fake lamps.

Thus, when such fake gadgets won’t benefit the buyers in regard to health, the ratings of the products may reduce. The aim of this article is to help you distinguish between the real and the fake Himalayan salt lamp. Read the 7 hints of the real one:


  • It originates from Pakistan

The name of the Himalayan salt was given by the Himalayan mountains in Khewra. If you can find the name of this place, Khewra, in the specifications of this lamp that is a great point just to know that the lamp may be real. Make sure you get specifications when you make the purchase to check its authenticity.

  • Fragility is a real characteristic of the Himalayan Salt Lamps:

It is true, they are awfully fragile and that that doesn’t do you any favour. But, if you want to enjoy the real benefits of a real Himalayan Salt Lamp, then you must practice gentleness. The real manufacturers of these gadgets have strict, but also flexible return policies about damages, because they are expensive. In other words, next time when your lamp falls off and it doesn’t break or damage, don’t be happy. We are sorry, but you must have bought a fake one.

  • Himalayan Salt Lamps produce a warm radiance

Another hint of owning a fake one is the strong light that these lamps emit. The real lamps don’t just illuminate the whole room, but render mild light as a result of the many minerals present in the real Himalayan Salt Lamps.

  • Choose manufacturers that have good return policies

When you are about to buy this revolutionary lamp, make sure the manufacturers have good return policies. The good return policies serve as a good guarantee that you won’t pay the lamp in vain. This policy claims that the manufacturers are aware of the fragility possibility when shipping, and that in this case your money at least would be refunded. The manufacturers of fake lamps may don’t even have return policies.

  • Himalayan Salt lamp absorbs humidity

This process of absorbing the small amounts of water in the air and cleansing the air at the same time is known as hygroscopy. The real lamp would simply have this function. If after some time of using, the humidity disappears from the air, then you did chose right this time. This lamp’s property is drying the air from vapours, steam, dew or condensation, let alone bacteria.

  • The benefits of the Himalayan Pink Salt lamp won’t fall behind.

The results of using this kind of lamp must be there. The reason for the popularity of the Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp has to do with the benefits that people around the world experienced. The health improvement factor mustn’t fall behind if this lamp’s place is in your home. For example, the results of using the Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp has shown that it treats certain illnesses like arthritis, respiratory problems, and headaches.

  • Differences in price – Himalayan White Salt Lamp is more expensive than the Himalayan Pink Salt Lamp

The white Himalayan salt does exist, besides the pink one, but it is rare but popular which is why it is more expensive. Thus, the Himalayan White Salt Lamp is costly in comparison with the other common versions. So, if the Himalayan White Salt Lamp is as your coloured lamp version, and costs the same, then, you’ve bought the fake one.  Conclusion: if the white lamp of this kind with white salt crystals, cost a little bit more than the Himalayan pink salt lamp, then the product is fake.

When buying a Himalayan Salt Lamp have in mind these 7 hints and mostly pay attention to the sellers in general and their return policies, since they have the answer. We hope that this article advised you enough about buying a Himalayan Salt Lamp. Having in mind these tips, we don’t have a doubt you will make a mistake when purchasing.

Consider purchasing a Himalayan Pink Salt lamp, put it in the room where you spend most of the time when at home (because of its limited range, it is better to place it near you) for remarkable health and medical benefits.  Furthermore, the mild ornamental look of the lamp will easily fall into place with the rest of your furniture and house décor. We must say, your friends and family will love it because it is so attractive, however pay attention, it must be out of reach of children because of its fragility – if you didn’t buy the fake one, of course!

Source: http://www.dietoflife.com/fake-himalayan-salt-lamps/

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