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Top Three Breakfast Ideas for Weight Loss

Are you looking for awesome breakfast ideas you can do to start slimming down but without wasting too much time and effort in the kitchen? fortunately, there are a ton of easy and fun recipes you can prep for that sumptuous breakfast to keep your going throughout the day! Wondering what they are? Read on as I show you my top three best breakfast dishes you can do to start losing weight and staying energized!

Top Three Breakfast Ideas for Weight Loss

Whether you’re pressed for time or you’re just a beginner in the kitchen, here are three of my favorite dishes you can start off with:

Scrambled Eggs

Scrambled eggs have the balanced amount of protein and fat to keep you satiated throughout the day. They are also high in good cholesterol and contain a lot of vitamins and nutrients, with it being one of the healthy sources of protein. Plus, who doesn’t like fluffy eggs accompanied with toast and condiments? Make it a healthier option and cook it with canned corn or other vegetables!


If made right, oatmeal is a low-calorie breakfast idea that will fill you up for the day ahead. It’s loaded with fiber and minerals that aid in your digestion, all the while keeping you satiated for longer and lessening your cravings. You can make it healthier and still low in calories by adding natural sweeteners, such as fruit or honey. Add a splash of milk for extra creaminess and flavor as well!

Fruit/Vegetable Smoothie

If you have no time at all and can’t cook or wash your bowls for oatmeal, then opt to go for a quick smoothie. There are blenders that you can literally blend and take with, so you won’t have the hassle of preparation. My favorite would be a mango-celery smoothie, with the zesty mango juice pairing with the crunchy celery to make a nutritious and powerful drink to keep me up without much preparation.

In Conclusion

With the right breakfast to start your day, you will feel encouraged and energized for the day ahead! I hope that this article on the dishes you can have to start your day helped you know what you can do to make a healthy change. So don’t wait any longer and start today!

If you have any questions or would like to share your tips and breakfast recipes, then comment down below. I would love to hear what you have to think.


Hi! I’m Emma, a blogger from Gimme Tasty. I’ve been practicing cooking for years and I love to share my experiences and recipes with everyone for you to start learning how to cook delicious dishes no matter if you’re a beginner or expert. Learn more about me from my blog.

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