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Tips for Buying Appliances in Your Kitchen

Sometimes it is necessary to buy appliances for the kitchen, either because they are presenting flaws or because you simply want to renew them by more modern equipment. Well, it’s time to take note of some key tips for you to make the best decision.

Capacity is key

One of the first things to keep in mind is the storage space you need, particularly when changing the refrigerator. However, in addition to taking into account the amount of food you will store, it is also important to take into account the measurements of your kitchen.

Gas or electric equipment

Some kitchen equipment offers these two options, particularly grills and stoves. Which is the best option? Well, it depends largely on personal taste, as electrical systems are more efficient when distributing heat, while gas can be more economical.

Energy saving

This is a point to keep in mind in the larger appliances such as the refrigerator and the washing machine. In addition to helping you save money, you will also be contributing to the care of the environment.

Kitchen equipment for your vacation

If you are going to buy appliances for your kitchen, think about other uses that you can give them. For example, some grills may fit you well at home, but if you have a large patio to cook outdoors with your family and friends, then perhaps one that is portable is more convenient.

Measurements, color and design

The aesthetic part is a fundamental component, because although some appliances have more benefits than others, the color could out of the way with your kitchen and make them discard almost immediately. Evaluate for example if you are going to buy several equipment, what color goes best with your kitchen or if you are willing to renew it completely.

Tips Before Buying Appliances

1.– Choose the appliance that best suits your future location (the kitchen), the type of energy available in your home (gas, electricity), and the space available in it (it will not be the same appliance for an apartment Than a summer house),

2.– It values ​​the energy consumption during the next years of the apparatus, and in the case of large white goods (refrigerators, washing machines, electric ovens, air conditioners and others), the information of its energy label (it is mandatory):

Its energy consumption will exceed its initial cost over its useful life,

Remember that buying a device with an energy label with the letter A (A + or A ++ in the case of refrigerators) requires a higher initial outlay which is compensated with a lower energy consumption throughout its useful life.

3.-Choose the appliance that best suits your lifestyle and needs of the moment: do not confuse big with better if the number of people who use it does not accompany the size.

4.-Check if there is a ” Plan Renove ” in the Ministry of Industry of your Autonomous Community (a subsidy for the withdrawal of your old device).

5.-The name of this equipment indicates that the vast majority operate with electricity, although in some cases there are alternatives to other sources of energy, mainly natural gas,

6.-Choose a commercial establishment that offers you as a service the withdrawal of your old appliance and ask what they do with it, preferably if it is adhered to consumer arbitration (agile and free system of dispute resolution between companies and consumers),

7.-If shopping online, requires in its case, the installation of the appliance (washing machine, dishwasher, air conditioning, etc.) and find out how, when and who will do it , and how the old appliance will be and what will with the. And if you are adhering to Confianza online (agile system of conflict resolution between Internet companies and consumers), better,

8.-Do not buy a second-hand appliance unless you have guarantees of the effective age of the appliance.

If you have valued all these points, you will be in a position to make a good decision. And if you learn more about Home Appliances at The JUZZ.

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