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Surprising and Hilarious Reasons Why You Should Work Out Your Calves

There are lots of reasons why you should work out your calves. You might be tempted to give up along the way, but the health reasons are worth the good fight!

Working out your calves will make them grow bigger and stronger. However, to see any results, you have to do everything the right way. Someone might be tempted to rush over some important procedure in the haste to outgrow his/her pinched status baby calves.


A set of nicely developed calves, especially for men, is something to be proud of. Funny enough, some people just develop them naturally while the majority has to actually do the work i.e., twist and turn them. There is no one-fit-for-all workout procedure for calf toning. You have to “study” your set and decide the right way to approach them.

Calves should not be neglected or overlooked in gyms. From jogging to squatting, calf-muscles benefit the most from any workout plan. Finding information on the subject is also a daunting task, even on the internet. People focus all their attention on their behinds and tummies!

How should you approach it?

Surprisingly, some of us have never bothered to look at their calf muscles in front of a full-length mirror. If you are doing so right now, do you like what you see or do they look like chunks of meat that do not belong to your legs?

Although you can do it on your own, machine training is usually the best. Machine calf workout allows you to push your calf to do a full stretch and hold it that way for as long as you can. You need to do the required repetitions for the muscle to become strong.

Why you should work your calves often

Training your calf muscle goes far beyond just building up a few mega quadrants to match the triceps of the upper body.

  • It spikes hormonal glands

Research has proven that focusing more on your lower body triggers the release of the hormone testosterone, a muscle building hormone.

  • Opposites won’t help but notice

People of the opposite sex, especially females, are stirred when they see well-groomed calf muscles. This should be a motivator to withstand the unpleasant soreness afterward.

  • Dissimilar upper and lower body will look ridiculous

Focusing too much on your upper body will make you look silly when your upper body is fully built but you still have destitute legs.

  • You will totally suck at athletics

Any form of sports requires physical strength generated from the energy reserves in the calves. If yours are not stocked enough, you are bound for embarrassment soon. Stronger leg parts will also lower the risks of injuries.

  • It becomes even harder to lift any big weights

The internet has driven people to do the absolute opposite of what should be done. Your body should be toned from top to bottom. Advanced lifting becomes a lot easier when you already have a strong calf fortified base.

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