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Space-Saving Tips For Your Home

Whether you’re a homeowner or renting a property, we all know how tough it can be to maximise your living space so that you’re not constantly tripping over the furniture.

The minimalist aesthetic is something that’s showing no signs of slowing down in recent years, and when coupled with multi-functional furniture and cool new storage designs, it means that we can enjoy living our lives without too much clutter!

Think vertically


Even if you’re living a shoe-box, it just takes a little bit of vertical thinking to maximise your limited floor space. You don’t have to be a DIY-whiz to put up some simple shelves that can free up a lot of room, and if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous, then check out these creative bookshelf ideas that use paperclips and ladders to surprising effect!

And be sure to make full use of the corners of your home, so that they don’t have to be areas where dust gathers, but can be a space to stack books, records, or even just provide a place for that cat bed!

Multi-functional living


Finding furniture that serves more than just one function is another great way to maximise space. Whether it’s extendable dining tables, or space-saving footstools, there’s so much out to there to choose from that can not just save space, but also save some pennies too.

Box your life


We all love to get organised, so why not get some storage boxes to stack up those books, DVDs and trinkets. Storage boxes may sound a little boring, but some of these chic storage cubes show that they can be tailored for different parts of your home whether it’s in the office, bedroom or even the living room. And what’s great is that they look fantastic when put together, so that the more you stack, the cooler the overall effect is!

The joys of minimalism

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But despite all of these inventive space-saving solutions, it’s the fact that we need to have a good clear out every now and then that is perhaps the biggest reason as to why we all crave a little more minimalism in our lives. Whether it’s throwing out that ancient video player, or just donating those old clothes that you don’t wear anymore, it’s important to declutter your home so that you can make space for those space-saving storage cubes, ottoman beds and extendable tables!

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