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Plan Your Very Own Wedding Buffet

Getting married is as daunting as it is exciting. There’s the usual uncertainty about the future that goes with such a big change, as well as the tide of emotions that goes with planning the actual event, laying the groundwork of your future with your spouse, and all the tiny little details – some you can foresee; most you cannot.

Thankfully, there are some easy decisions that you can make in the meantime. Some of these include choosing between bridal gowns, finding a venue to host family and friends, and writing your vows. For most of these, the internet makes doing them much more convenient.

In the following, you’ll see some of the more important things to keep in mind when planning what will be served on your special day. A wedding buffet cannot simply be thrown together; it’s a meal service that has to be planned in order to be memorable.

Deciding The Dinner Details

You can go for the full-scale catering service, or a smaller outfit to reflect the comfortable closeness of the gathered crowd. If it’s just family and extended family, you can even go the makeshift food stand route using a food truck service.

If you’re having an elegant sit-down dinner at a catering facility, factor in the pricier meals into your budget. A buffet can be a lot cheaper; but the money shouldn’t be the primary consideration in a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. Although the seated dinner option is considerably more subdued; it suits the right temperament very well. If you and your spouse-to-be are party enthusiasts, then you might want to consider the buffet option – as it lends itself better to the exuberant dancing and festivities.

The Wedding Buffet Option

If you have a range of dinner choices in mind, and wish to present these to your guests, the wedding buffet is your best bet. In fact, if there are children coming to the reception, they’ll appreciate a wedding candy buffet with numerous options – such as the kind provided by Sweet Services. To facilitate serving at larger events, these come in bulk and allow you to mix and match multiple varieties of popular treats.

For the adults, you’ll want platters of fruit and breakfast/lunch combinations available. Depending on how late the reception is scheduled to be, dinner options might be a wise choice, as well. Buffets don’t work too well for especially large guest lists. This isn’t impossible, it just means you’ll need a lot more food.

As a final note of caution; be mindful of the “shelf-life” of buffet foods. You don’t want them sitting outside for longer than 3 hours (at the most); afterwards, you can expect the taste to become decidedly subpar. The wait staff you hire will be a bit busier with the buffet option than with a seated dinner option – but that’s what they’re being paid for, after all.

Other Options – Barbeque Or Cocktails

Who says you have to go the conventional route? It’s your wedding and whatever you can imagine, should be yours to realize. For the especially close-knit reception, a casual barbeque among family and friends can capture the day quite well. One of the benefits of this is the ability to have it in the comfort of your home – outside in the backyard, with perhaps a pergola overlooking the event. Toss in cocktails, and this makes for a very interactive type of event, with guests barbequing their own meals and giving the bride and groom a chance to enjoy the scene.

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