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Meet Albert, The Adorable Cat With a Unique Skull Nose and 450.000 Followers

Ladies and gentlemen, this is Albert! This cat has the most beautiful blue eyes and he’s already a superstar on Instagram. His incredible look and adorable attitude made him so popular with more than 450.000 followers so far. What’s unique about this adorable cat is that he has a ‘skull’ nose that makes him even more interesting to people.

Albert loves to be frisky and wear the latest fashion trends. Just take a look!

meet-albert-the-adorable-cat-with-a-unique-skull-nose-and-450-000-followers-1 meet-albert-the-adorable-cat-with-a-unique-skull-nose-and-450-000-followers-2 meet-albert-the-adorable-cat-with-a-unique-skull-nose-and-450-000-followers-3 meet-albert-the-adorable-cat-with-a-unique-skull-nose-and-450-000-followers-4 meet-albert-the-adorable-cat-with-a-unique-skull-nose-and-450-000-followers-5 meet-albert-the-adorable-cat-with-a-unique-skull-nose-and-450-000-followers-6 meet-albert-the-adorable-cat-with-a-unique-skull-nose-and-450-000-followers-7

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