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Incredible DIY Hacks That Will Improve Your Home Décor

Organizing and cleaning your home can sometimes be overwhelming. We all wish our homes look magically beautiful without trying. Can they? Well, your wish can become reality. These awesome DIY hacks can help you turn your home into a more comfortable, chic and welcoming without spending a lot of energy, time or money.

Here are the ultimate DIY hacks:

1. Print and frame your Instagram photos. Those cool filters will give an artistic look to your old photos and a new look to your home.


2. Replace art works with cool accessories. Décor your wall with your gorgeous hats and necklaces.


3. Use Washi tape on your walls instead of paint and wallpapers. It will give your home a fun, new look and you can change them whenever you want without spending tons of money.


4. Reuse your old, colorful boxes to organize your cords. You won’t trip on them and they’ll be less ugly to look at.


5. Tape can be used for cleaning. Pull the tape of a surface and see the dust lifting. It’s more fun the vacuuming isn’t it?


6. Use saran wrap to line your fridge shelves. This way your fridge will look cooler and it’s going to be easier to clean.


7. No need for a spice rack, just put a magnet strip under your cabinets. This way your spices will look really chic!


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