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How To Check Who Visited My Facebook Profile 2017

Facebook, the widely used social networking site has truly made a way out for staying connected with friends and family off shore and in shore. But, what about to check who visited and peeked in our profile and facebook page? There is no such definite method provided by the application itself. But, as you know there is always a second way of figuring out the problem. Yes, this very article will highlight the solutions on How to check who visited my Facebook profile 2017.

Technology is just the clone of that naughty kid who always made its way out to figure out the other way round solution. You really cannot stop its advancement in finding out that unknown visitor. But for that you need to follow the below listed options. In here, you will be provided 3 ways of keeping an eye on the followed visitors. It is then you to decide which option to be taken as per the comfort and convenience. Now, let me warn you beforehand, checking for the visitors in facebook is a common search made in internet. Therefore, this resulted in a multiple solution options among which there are some prank and unreliable options too. But, the solutions provided over here are truly trusted and efficient in figuring out that shadow follower of your profile.

How to check who visited my Facebook profile 2017: 3 Must ways to be Opted

The peek a boo game turned to be interesting with the advent of these three solutions of checking the visitor in facebook. Each one of the solutions is explained in a delegated way in order to make you understand the methodology of applying them. Have a quick read on all the available solutions and pick any one preferable to navigate the silent followers. Trust me, the follow up will be extremely thrilling an experience.

Using the Chrome Extension

Chrome browser has in store an excellent scope for you to figure out this issue. You need to download a browser extension provided by the Chrome Web store known as Social Profile View Notification. Open the link for easy and quick moving.

  • As you opened the link, you have scoped out to download it by clicking on add to Chrome option. This downloading and installation process will take few moments. So, till then hold your patience.

  • After the downloading and installation part gets over open FB profile. Have a close watch on the blue navigation bar at the top. Did you notice something new? Well yes, it is the Visitors icon that have been tiled and placed with the other navigators of your profile.

Was not the method simple and fun? You can easily try this as the quick one. But, two more methods to be explained down the list of must three way out options.

Using the Specially Designed Apps

Google has provided us with a newly designed and developed app. The name of this app is“Who Viewed My Profile Android app”. This is available in Play Stores for detecting those spying or visiting your profile.

  • As soon as you download the application from the Play Store you will be asked to connect it to Facebook profile id.
  • Click on that for quick connect. This must then follow with further log in to your id along with filling up the other necessary credentials too.

Successful log in will demand permission for the app to run on your device. Agree with the terms and conditions and let your Android to feel the next level of socialising via facebook. Also, iOS users too can have the chance of tracked socialising by installing the app named Social Fans which is basically a paid one.

Using the Browser

Okay! This is somewhat very technical, both in appearance and activity. For this solution to work you just need to open the facebook page of your profile from any preferable web browser. Then comes the following steps mentioned below.

  • Open the timeline on the profile. In there put a right click to get the menu. An option named view page source will be present there. Click it open. Ctrl+Ucan also be pressed for quick move.
  • A page of innumerable codes will appear. You need to find the search box over there. Now, press Ctrl+F and search for InitialChatFriendsList. Type exactly as I have showcased.

  • The search result will then provide a lots of numbers. These are nothing but profile ID’s of the visitors who visited your profile on Facebook. Are you looking for any suspect ID? If so, then have a close watch and if you find any of those fishy then copy it and paste it to address bar with the suffix facebook.com/.

These three simple steps will lead you to the desired profile you are hunting for. Well, these are the three simple options with detailed explanations of the steps to enquire upon – How to check who visited my Facebook profile 2017. These three cannot just be the limit of finding out the solution of the issue. There have to be many relevant and reliable ones that you can provide us with. Please do comment and tell us about the smarter ways and techniques to figure out the concern.

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