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Cat Goes for A Walk And Comes Home With a Tiny 7-Week-Old Kitten

Claudia Wright got a cute surprise one day coming back from work. A cat with her three little kittens were sitting on the porch and looking at Claudia. It was love at first sight and Claudia decided to adopt the cat. She named it Posey. After Posey’s kittens grew up, they found their own loving families. It seems that Posey really missed her kittens, so she decided to find another one. One afternoon, Posey went out as usual, but she was gone for several hours. It was strange that she was outside for so long, but when she finally got home, she brought a surprise with her.

“I guess she missed having a baby around and found one,” said Claudia.

While taking a walk, Posey came across a tiny 7-week old kitten. When she saw him, her maternal instincts kicked in and she decided to take Meesy, the kitten, home to her human mom.

“The kitten has never been seen around the neighborhood,” Wright said. “I already verified the kitten isn’t anyone else’s. Meesy must have gotten separated from her mother and she and Posey may have just come across each other.”

Meesy was really young when he came into Claudia’s house, he needed to be bottle-fed. Posey didn’t leave little Meesy, not even for a second. Like a true mom, she cuddled and loved him, trying to convince her mother to adopt him.

“They love each other. They’ve completely adopted each other,” said Claudia.

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