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Avoid Drain Clog by Preventive Drain Treatment

Drain clogs are not helpful if you are using a utility sink or shower. They can cause bacteria to accumulate excessively. Bacteria and fungus can cause disease and dirty stains to start to appear in your bathroom. Cleaning out a drain clog is a messy job that a lot of people do not like to do. Hiring professionals to handle a drain clog saves you time, and it makes your bathroom look better.

Types of Drain Clogs

There are different types of drain clogs. A common one comes from accumulated hair. After taking a shower or a bath, sometimes people or pets shed hair. People tend to do so when they shave. It also happens when shaving over the bathroom sink. The hair starts to build up over time. This blocks the drain and creates filthy backup problems when you are using your bath, sink, or shower. Another type of drain clog occurs when food is poured down a sink. The food builds up in the plumbing pipe.

Avoiding Repeated Drain Clogs

To avoid repeated drain clogs, it is necessary to identify the behaviors that are causing the drain to clog. Shaving over the sink or in the bathtub is often a cause of clogging. Try shaving away from a drain, and put the hairs in a little bowl. They are easy to dump into the trash. For food disposal, use a big plastic bowl full of water to scrub out your dishes. You can then dump out the waste into a compost pile or the trash can. As a general rule, putting large non water soluble food and waste down a drain will probably lead to a clog.

Good Cleaning Solutions for Drain Clogs

There are some powerful cleaning solutions that our professional plumbers use to help with drain clogs. Lye and septic tank cleaners are often helpful for stubborn drains. Lye is a very powerful chemical base that is strong enough to badly burn the skin. Having professional plumbers handle your drain cleaning can protect you if you are unsure about how to use a drain cleaner properly.

It is frustrating to have a drain that is not working properly. Beehive Plumbing wants to give your house or business drains that work very well. Our plumbers can talk with you about future care for your drains. They are experienced with what types of cleaning solutions work with what types of drains.

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