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7 Exotic Recipes for Your Upcoming Family Get Together

In Australia, you can find a lot of delectable foods, which may be difficult to find elsewhere in just one place. It’s because Australian cuisines are a product of diverse cultures mostly coming from Asia. This is why you can discover a lot of exotic barbecues there. It’s recommended to use electric bbqs Australia version because they are more appropriate for several exotic barbecue recipes.

Here are seven exotic barbecue recipes for your upcoming family get together:


1. Barbecued Pork Kebabs

Kebabs are native food in Turkey, Iran, and in the rest of the surrounding countries. This is one of the many Mediterranean recipes you can prepare for many occasions.

In some places, barbecued pork kebabs are considered street foods while they are part of regular meals in other Mediterranean countries. This barbecue is usually prepared with skewers along with some vegetables and spices. Sometimes, you can find one served on a plate.

2. Bulgogi

Bulgogi is a Korean barbecued beef. This type of barbecue is prepared very often in Korea’s daily meals. Even so, Koreans never get sick and tired of eating Bulgogi because it tastes as though the meat comes from the best breed in the world. In Korea, Bulgogi is commonly served with rice and cucumber salad. This barbecue is good for family gathering such as picnic.

3. Braai

Braai is a type of barbecue recipe that is native to South Africa. Braai may be a chicken meat, pork, beef, or internal organ. Sometimes, a type of sausage containing any of the above meat is prepared the same way.

What is special about Braai is that it’s usually grilled using wood instead of charcoal. This can also be prepared even with modern grills.

4. Yakitori

Yakitori on the other hand, is a type of Japanese barbecue, which is commonly skewered. In Japan, some people play a game in which they compete together by eating a lot of Yakitori.

The one who has eaten the most is the winner. Yakitori can be prepared in chicken thigh, gizzard, liver, or chicken skin. Among them, chicken skin is the most flavorful.

5. Char Siu

Char Siu is a Chinese-style barbecue which is part of some popular Cantonese recipes. This barbecue is typically found in almost all Chinese restaurants. It looks as though it is difficult to cook, but it is actually easy to prepare.

The important thing to note is the tenderness. It should be rare and never well-done. Char Siu is usually served on a plate and sometimes together with soup.

6. Tandoori

Tandoori is an Indian barbecue that is typically cooked in a clay oven known as tandoor. Nonetheless, tandoori can also be cooked in many types of modern grills and ovens.

What is important is to achieve the same result. Tandoori is primarily a chicken barbecue which is cooked from medium to well-done, and is usually served with rice or vegetables on a plate.

7. Chicken Inasal

Chicken inasal is cut wide open and is skewered to expose every part of the meat on a grill. Inasal, which means barbecue, is native to Iloilo, Philippines. This type of barbecue is typically prepared during festivals.

As time went by, it became part of the daily meals of the people in Iloilo. Today, it is the second most popular type of Filipino barbecue next to Lechon.


Most of the above recipes may not be exotic in their countries of origin, but they become special when taken together in one place. Nevertheless, they are all delicious and mouth-watering. Which recipe will you try for your next family get together?

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