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Why Mattress in the Decoration is so Important

As the saying goes, the golden nine silver ten decoration season, autumn has always been the prime time for decoration, and decoration often means a lot of white money and a lot of energy and time. It is especially worthwhile to give your friends around you the chance to enjoy the great amazon, after all, it is worth buying on the decoration experts are all talented, talk and good, can help you take a lot less wrong way.

In many home furnishing categories, we often for sofas, large appliances how to buy value discussed hot, but often ignored a large piece of the same, the importance of even higher single product – mattress. Some value friends may disagree, the mattress is not all the same, what is important? As a front-line consumer who has actually spent close to six figures in the field of mattresses, and we all pull out our hearts: First, the mattress is the most important of all big items.

First, the mattress is all the big things.

Daily life, you may not cook every day, not even a daily bath, but it is impossible not to sleep every day, the lightning 7-10 hours of time, you are spent on the Quality Gel Memory Foam Mattress. A good mattress with good fit and support can make you get up every day refreshed.

On the contrary, even if your new home decoration and then grand, high-end appliances, if the mattress itself is not comfortable, sleep up feeling dizzy and sleepy, the new home to your first impression is bound to be bad. That state of life is believed to know all understand.

Second, the mattress unit price is not simple, investment to focus on the cost performance.

With the mattress experience is increasingly valued by the majority of users, we are also more willing to spend money for the mattress, small thousands or even tens of thousands of mattresses began to go into ordinary people’s homes, sometimes not cheaper than large appliances. As a big investment, naturally to do the ultimate cost performance, spend money to buy experience can, buy lessons is absolutely not.

Third, the mattress industry is very high opacity, especially prone to encounter marketing tax.

Compared to the big appliances and other people disassembled, someone comparative analysis of the industry, the mattress because of the complexity of the category itself, the process and the use of the whole package not exposed technology, so many times easy to “open the blind box”. In fact, the basic process of mattress is not difficult, it is difficult to completely open the gap, so many manufacturers began to attach a variety of marketing tax, also led to novice users are particularly easy to step on the pit.

Understand why mattress shopping is worthy of your attention in the autumn to prepare for the big show decoration people, the next step and also allow me to sell themselves. Because of the work itself in the past 5 years every year to travel more than 100 nights, basically spent in five-star hotels, also considered to have slept more good best mattress for side sleepers, can give you the output of the most intuitive mattress experience.

On the other hand, I am a person’s bad luck, before the back sprain, family genetic sleep shallow, so difficult combination of symptoms also let me become a good mattress just need users, their own research to spend money, by chopping to accumulate experience. As a value friend to benefit the community as its mission, I posted two mattress chopping guide in Zhang Da Ma, on average, there are several thousand collections and comments, you can also look back at.


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