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Visionary Cosmetics

As a child Michael grew up watching his mother Leighann do her makeup. She has little to no vision and struggled with finding the right shades she wanted for the day. Michael wondered why these brands didn’t take his mother into consideration.  She often said, “I may not be able to see others, but they can see me.” One day Michael would be able to make a change for his mother.

In his teens he performed in local theatre and loved the costume and makeup department as much as being on stage. And by his twenties, he was promoting cosmetic brands on Instagram. He began watching a woman by the name of Rihanna change the entire beauty industry. He began to see iconic brands become more inclusive and carry shades for a variety of skin tones. Inclusion had always been important to Michael, and he felt it was time someone finally thought of the blind community in the beauty industry.

He wanted to create a line of makeup that featured braille on the bottles and boxes to help make shade selection easier. A line of products that could make the customers experience with makeup truly enjoyable.

After pitching to several companies, two signed on to make his dream a reality. Production began last year and the company was able to launch November 2018.

www.visionarycosmetics.com is a fully accessible website and carries a wide variety of productsThe website features the products with vivid shade descriptions. A picture is painted sonically to ensure the customer finds their perfect shade. A standout product is the 5 in 1 B.B. Cream. This product is not only a B.B. cream. A moisturizer, sheer foundation, primer, and an anti-aging serum can also be found. It minimizes counter space and is perfect for any woman on the go.

A line of foundationfor those living with albinism was launched in December 2018. The line features products with medicinal properties like SPF 50. A light defusing setting powder was also created for extra protection under the sun.

A campaign was just shot showcasing products like the new Dejour Palette, a palette with 10 shades ranging from matte to glitter. A variety of lipsticks and highlighters were also modeled by two beautiful individuals, Lannie Coleman and Andy Forstall. The campaign debuts later this month.

Visionary Cosmetics is not all glamour. A lot of preparation and hard work goes into creating such a unique line. He works with a team of people to make sure everything goes smoothly when it comes to production. Michael is involved with everything from overseeing the shade names and descriptions, to deciding what packaging will look like for an upcoming product.  He knows what he wants and will spend however long it takes to achieve his goal.

Michael has glaucoma and believes that, even when something may seem difficult, he will overcome it. The beauty industry is incredibly visual, so sometimes things happen. He never seems to let it get him down though. He repeats a mantra every morning, “You don’t need vision to be a visionary.”

Reviews for the line have been extremely positive. From the quality of the products to the accessibility of the website. Customers seem to really adore this one of a kind brand. Michael receives e-mails and messages from customers who have never used makeup before finding his company.  He feels that if he can change one person’s life with his products then he has done his job.

Michel is currently a semi-finalist for the Holeman Prize, a competition that funds projectscreated by blind individuals. Should he win, this would be an honor and a game changer for his company. But, if he does not, he will continue to better his line and the lives of others. Visionary Cosmetics may not be a household name at this moment, but give it time. Michael hopes that one day Visionary Cosmetics will be known for making the makeup aisle a little more inclusive.