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 Learn The Top 4 Ways To Consume CBD

CBD has gone from obscurity to a household name in less than five years, mainly due to the Farm Bill in 2018 that legalized hemp oil production and sales. Since then, an entire bustling industry has risen, even off-shooting into other products such as Delta-8 THC or THC-O.

Many people assume you need to consume CBD much in the same way that you would marijuana, by smoking it; while smoking it is a method of consumption, it is by no means the only method and nowhere near the most popular. The four primary ways of consuming CBD are inhalation via smoking or vaping, consuming edibles, topical applications such as creams or balms, and sublingually, meaning under the tongue.

Smoking or vaping CBD is popular, with vaping leading the way. The good thing about this method of consumption is that it gives the highest concentration of CBD in the quickest manner possible. The downside is it can be harsh on the lungs for those not used to it, high concentrations may not be suitable for all, and it does require additional tools such as joint paper or an oil rig.

For many people, CBD topical applications like creams and balms are helpful. This method works great for sore muscles, skin conditions, and even headaches. CBD pain rollers are popular amongst athletes. The only drawback is it’s harder to get higher dosages. Usually, it will require applying quite a bit.

In the early days of the CBD revolution ingesting CBD sublingually was quite popular. CBD tinctures will come in a bottle and have a plastic syringe in which you will place a few drops under the tongue for 30 seconds or so. This discreet method requires no other tools and is easy to manage the dosage. The drawback for some is the “earthy” taste associated with this more pure form of CBD consumption.

And last but not least is to eat CBD edibles. This has become the most popular way to consume CBD, with a wide range of products from full spectrum CBD gummies, candies, and cookies to cakes, muffins, and everything in between! The drawback to edibles is they do take the longest of all methods to kick in, and nailing down the proper dosage can be tricky. The best advice is to find a quality CBD store selling edibles online. Check the dosage measurements and start small if you are new to CBD, and work up to what is needed from there.