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How to Properly Choose Cycling Gear for Women?

Choosing your cycling gear is extremely important, whether you’re cycling professionally or recreationally. A good set of cycling gear will keep you warm, comfortable, and will give you a slight push, increasing your performance. Let’s go over a couple of fundamental elements of cycling clothing for women and find out how to properly dress yourself when going out cycling!

Always dress according to the weather

While shorts and a simple cycling shirt might work during the summer, cycling in such clothing during the winter might not be the brightest idea. Likewise, wearing a thick jacket and long trousers during the hot months will quickly make you sweat, making what should be an enjoyable ride into a nightmare. To avoid discomfort, always wear clothing according to the weather in your area.

During the summer, go for lightweight cycling clothes – preferably a thin jersey and a pair of shorts. Search for high-tech, breathable fabrics, such as merino wool or mesh fabric. Many professional clothing brands also feature built-in protection against UV rays – perfect for cycling in sunny weather without having to wear sunscreen. You can even choose one of the premade bicycle sets for summer cycling and skip all the hassle of having to pick and choose!

For winter cycling, choose a thicker fabric, like Gore-Tex, which is a perfect choice. Gore-Tex is waterproof, breathable, and will keep you warm in difficult weather. What’s more, Gore-Tex can repel liquid water from the outside, while allowing sweat to pass through it as vapor, keeping you dry. Gore-Tex is a popular material for women’s cycling jerseys, and you should have no problems finding a matching one for you!

Choose proper pants

Whether you’re cycling in the summer or in the winter, legwear is a very important part of your cycling gear. Choosing professional women’s cycling legwear will allow you to not only stay warm and comfortable, but also to avoid scratches and bruises. Most professional cycling legwear features gel padding and antibacterial elements, ensuring you stay comfy during and after the ride.

Legwear also provides an additional layer of shock absorption, which comes in especially handy during off-road trips. It also prevents chafing, allowing you to ride without your underwear for maximum comfort without rubbing your private parts the wrong way!

Grab professional accessories

Accessories such as the helmet or the gloves are also a huge part of proper cycling gear. A bike helmet will not only keep you safe and prevent serious injuries, but will also improve your aerodynamics, improving your performance and giving you a small boost that can come in very handy during races. Cycling gloves on the other hand will prevent your hands from rubbing on the handlebars and absorb vibrations, as well as protecting your palms should you fall.

A proper pair of shoes is also extremely important. Cycling shoes usually feature stiff soles and special cleats that fit into the pedals, increasing your grip and keeping your feet where they should be. Finally, if you’re commuting or going on longer trips, grabbing yourself a professional cycling bag might be a good idea in case you need to carry something to eat and drink with you. Always remember to stay hydrated when cycling – especially during the summer!