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Disturbing Photos: These Animals Died During the War and Their Mummies are a Reminder of the War Horror

Many animals died from hunger during the war in the ZOO located in Khan Yunis, Gaza. Mohammed Awaida, the owner of the ZOO says he lost these animals because the staff couldn’t feed them and couldn’t take care of them during the battles between Israel and Palestine.


Mohammed opened the ZOO “South Forest Park” in 2007 and he invested hundreds of thousands of dollars in it. Unfortunately, he lost a great number of animals during the Israeli attack on Hamas.


In honor of his beloved animals, Mouhamed put all the mummified animals in the ZOO so everyone can see. He wanted to remind people of the war horror everyone suffered!


Indeed, man is the most dangerous animal on the planet. People create wars for many reasons and destroy thousands of lives which include the lives of innocents as well.


These-Animals-Died-During-the-War-and-Their-Mummies-are-a-Reminder-of-the-War-Horror-5 These-Animals-Died-During-the-War-and-Their-Mummies-are-a-Reminder-of-the-War-Horror-6 These-Animals-Died-During-the-War-and-Their-Mummies-are-a-Reminder-of-the-War-Horror-7 These-Animals-Died-During-the-War-and-Their-Mummies-are-a-Reminder-of-the-War-Horror-8 These-Animals-Died-During-the-War-and-Their-Mummies-are-a-Reminder-of-the-War-Horror-9 These-Animals-Died-During-the-War-and-Their-Mummies-are-a-Reminder-of-the-War-Horror-10 These-Animals-Died-During-the-War-and-Their-Mummies-are-a-Reminder-of-the-War-Horror-11 These-Animals-Died-During-the-War-and-Their-Mummies-are-a-Reminder-of-the-War-Horror-12

Share this story and spread the word about animal safety and security because every life has the similar value.