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Breastfeeding In Public is Not Disgusting or Unhealthy – The Photo That is Forbidden

Jade Beall is a photographer who has been photographing women for 15 years. She had an epiphany when she took a photo of herself breast feeding her son and she decided to celebrate the beauty, flaws and vulnerabilities of all mothers.

When she first posted on Facebook, one of her group portraits of mother’s breastfeeding, she came across very negative comments. She received messages mainly from men, telling her to remove that photo. Many people on social media reported the photo, even the censured one, and finally her photograph was deleted.

Beall says that this is a large overall issue, since Facebook has an anti-nipple policy: “Do I think it’s silly that men can have exposed nipples but women cannot as a rule for this platform?  Sure,” she says. “But that’s a cultural thing, not simply a Facebook thing. I would love to post my nude breastfeeding mothers without blurring the nipples on Facebook, but what I would love most is for Americans to redefine their relationship to a woman’s breasts and to praise and celebrate the nude, varying body shapes without having to label them ‘disgusting’ or ‘unhealthy.”

Censored Version:


Uncensored Version:


What’s your opinion on this subject? Do you support women’s right to expose their post-baby bodies while breastfeeding their little ones?


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